My Little Lily Piccalilli…

…is what I often call my little girl. For she is such a delightful little pickle. She needs to rest a hand on something to balance when standing, but she is getting more and more sure of herself every day. This afternoon she pulled herself up and helped herself to my mug, then sat down and stole the cold end of my tea!


Somehow, I am not sure how she does it, she manages to wriggle her little feet out of her babygrow. Sometimes she even manages to get them out of her sleeping bag too! When I spot them, I seize them and ask her ‘what’s this?!’ before blowing raspberries on them and making her giggle.


She’ll happily play with her toys on her own for a little while these days, and then there is a little tug on my knee, and this gorgeous little face smiling up at me. What a messy baby grow…she is an enthusiastic eater but lacks finess at the moment! 

I can’t believe she is ten months old already….where did this little baby go?! I love watching her unfold and blossom every day.




3 thoughts on “My Little Lily Piccalilli…

  1. She is just delightful! Reading your posts and seeing the pics always takes me back to the days when my babies were this age. How i loved those wonderful days.

    1. They are so special, aren’t they? Already she seems such a big girl and not a baby at all, I’m sure it won’t feel five minutes until I am waving her off to her first day at school! X

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