Daffodil Delight

Before we went away, the daffodils were in the shops, but not yet out in the gardens. We came back to them in full bloom, and what a wonderful welcome it was! I adore daffodils, and one of my favourite things is that you never know entirely what you are going to get until they open.

I’ve taken to keeping a bunch on the mantelpiece in our bedroom this year. They were closed still when I got up the other morning, and when I went back up at bedtime, they made me gasp as they were so beautiful, and so unexpected…the last few bunches (all bought from the same shop) were the traditional yellow ones.




One thought on “Daffodil Delight

  1. Hi Mimi!

    Aren’t daffs lovely? I always feel gladdened to see them popping up along the sides of roads and at the flower stall. What a lovely little fireplace, too! I’m a sucker for a good fireplace 😉 Hope things are well with you all!

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