A Very British Murder

I was lucky enough to have an excellent history teacher, who managed to bring her subject alive. That I remember with fondness writing essays with titles such as ‘The Rapaciousness of Henry VII’ says a lot! I have seen and enjoyed several documentaries by Dr Lucy Worsley, who is similarly engaging. When I spotted on her blog that she was giving a talk nearby, I was very keen to go, and happily the lovely Annastasia was happy to come too, and kindly arranged the tickets.

I was so looking forward to the talk (the Very British Murder of the title of this post), and had written down the train times home on a piece of card, charged my phone, and was just finishing dinner when the phone rang….Carl couldn’t get home from work in time to look after Jessica so I could go. I was so disappointed…I’ve missed Kirstie’s Handmade Fayre, Cats,a Nd so many other things.

But this time, it was not meant to be that I should miss out! My brother-in-law who lives in the same town as the talk offered to babysit, so we scooped up the baby and everything she might need and hurried for the bus to park and ride. When we got to Annastasi’s car we realised that neither of us was well versed in her car seat, but got there in the end. She dropped us to drop off Jessica, then to hers to feed the cat and park the car, then hurried to the theatre and were only five minutes late!

The talk was really interesting, and it felt so good to be using a different part of my brain again. I also loved the elegant black dress Dr Worlsey wore, and the brocade one she changed into in the interval. I also want to channel some of her charming manner. The second half of the talk was questions from the audience, and she was asked some very varied questions. She did a really good job if answering some of the more ambitious ones (a history of justice from the ninth to nineteenth centuries is what one person asked for!) by going at a slight tangent and diverting the subject, neatly avoiding the question but doing it in such a way you didn’t mind at all!

If you get a chance to hear her speak, or watch one of her documentaries, do. She is quite often on BBC4. I was so touched that Carl drove out to collect me and Jessica, and that so many people had pulled together to get me to my talk. I am so lucky!


One thought on “A Very British Murder

  1. I’m glad you got to go. I have enjoyed all the programmes LW has made, she is very knowledgeable and I love her enthusiasm and use of the English language.
    Lisa x

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