Thursday Treasures and Pleasures

I love March. Those sudden glorious mornings where the sun is bright and the air is crisp, and you have a little glimpse of spring to was one of those mornings, the kind you Re pleased to be out and about in. This mornin I had a lovely reason to be out early, as I was meeting a dear friend for breakfast. 

Jessica was warm and sleepy when I picked her up, changed her and snuggled her in her pram. There are few things as wonderful as the weight of a drowsy baby’s head on your shoulder.

And then a pot of tea, avocado and hummus on sourdough bread, lots of talking and then another pot of tea. What a lovely start to the day.

Later, discovering a tiny patch of violets growing next to the path from our garage to the garden. Oh, how I love violets. Although it is the hardest to work with the violet yarn in my Polyanthus Profusion blanket is my favourite to work with. 

A Bonne Maman lemon and poppyseed cake nibbled on with a cup of tea.

My vases of daffodils an abundant froth of yellow frills.

A day filled with treasures and pleasures…I am blessed.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Treasures and Pleasures

  1. Sounds lovely. AND–there are more to come! YAY! Come what may, easy or hard, we are enriched to some point in some way, small or large; they all add up. And we become the best person we were designed to be.

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