Polyanthus Profusion

Although there are still days where it feels like I hardly pause for breath between getting up and going to bed, we are getting to a happy stage where there are little minutes here and there snatched away for myself. Sometimes I just sit with a cup of tea, sometimes I read a page of my book. But I have been itching to get back into knitting or crocheting, and a little moodling around the internet yesterday, I stumbled across the perfect project.

Have you seen what are being generally referred to asMollie Makes Puff Flowers? Beautiful little flowers with puffy petals which take minutes to make, and use up oddments of wool. I had a look on Pinterest, and found some lovely blankets made using these, and decided right away to make one for Jessica. 

As it happened, Mum came to visit us yesterday, and was kind enough to mind Jessica while I popped upstairs in the craft shop and chose out some yarn. While it will be a good way to use some oddments I have left from the granny square blanket I made a few years ago, I wanted some new yarn in there too. It was so luxurious having five minutes to wander amongst the yarn and bury my fingers into skeins to test the softness. In the end, I chose Peter Pan double knitting. I like the colour range and the softness, and that it has been about for a long time…a little nod to my love of vintage! 

I didn’t buy as many colours as I would like as I thought it would be fun to pick up an extra one every now and again. Last night, when the little bubbins was tucked up in bed, I curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and made a practise flower. I quickly amended the pattern to suit myself, and made a few flowers.

It is so soothing and relaxing, and while I think I will become tired of weaving in the ends and sewing them together! I don’t think I will ever tire of making them!

When I looked at them this morning, it suddenly popped into my mind that I had, quite unconsciously, chosen yarn in the shades of polyanthus flowers. I love polyanthus…we were given them at Sunday school as gifts for our mums on Mother’s Day, and to me they are inextricably linked with Easter and Spring and loveliness.

I have noticed that other bloggers often name their craft projects or blankets or patterns….so this will be my Polyanthus Profusion blanket!

The light in this photo isn’t great…the darkest colour is a wonderful inky violet, but here are a few of the first flowers to blossom off my hook!





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