St David’s Day Tea

I was lucky enough to be given some lovely tea related things for Christmas this year. There was a beautiful tin caddy filled with tea from a friend, a pair of beautiful vintage cups and saucers from a Father Christmas, and a hand knitted tea cozy from my Mum. I have always wanted a pumpkin tea cozy, but never quite got around to making one.

We don’t have the coffee table in the middle of the room any more as Jessica pulls herself up on everything, and it makes more room if we have it against the wall. Lately it has become a bit forgotten, and if have wanted to pull it out and use it.

Likewise I have wanted to use all my Christmas tea things, but time seems to slip away with a baby in the house, and here we are, March already! This morning I decided I was not going to wait another day. So once the baby was tucked up in bed, I laid things out for a little St David’s day tea for Carl and me.

First my teapot, with the pumpkin cozy. Then the milk jug, and the cups and saucers. A plate of welsh cakes, and a vase of daffodils. Quiet time, sipping tea. Bliss.

Tonight the coffee table will be put back against the wall…but I don’t think it will be so long until I bring it out again, and set up a little tea for two. Or maybe even, just for one.

I hope you have had a lovely Sunday, the very first in March. It has certainly come in like a lion here, and there is wind roaring down the chimney!



3 thoughts on “St David’s Day Tea

  1. I was wondering what the pumpkin tea cozy looked like—so happy to find you included a photo…it’s adorable—is that a little critter on the top of it? A mouse??. I love the tea tin you were gifted. So very pretty, as are your new tea cups. It’s always nice to have a special tea. Taking tea isn’t common here in the U.S. but I love the idea of it. Years ago I bought a very special book by Emilie Barnes titled “If Teacups Could Talk” and she shared ideas on having tea, encouraged taking the time to have proper tea. It’s a sweet book. A friend, who loved tea, loved everything British, told me about it. Are you familiar with the poem A Cup of Christmas Tea”? It’s quite charming too. Cheers for tea, and for many more in your sweet home.

    1. Hi Dinah! It is indeed a little tiny mouse perched on the pumpkin tea cozy! If teacups Could Talk is one of my favourite books, I am so glad you have it too. We used to have a wonderful tea shop which sold secondhand books, and I bought it there years ago. It is one that I really treasure! Xx

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