Tired a Eyes

Somehow, it is 11:10pm, and somehow it is December next week, and somehow my baby girl is almost 6 months old.

When did she stop being a newborn, and where did today, and the last months go?

I have heavy tired eyes, but want to sit and finish my tea before I go to bed. I am tired, but the kind of tired that feels good, because I have been working so hard in the home this week. Turning out, de cluttering, cleaning. The last time I was so thoroughly gripped by the need to spring clean, I found out I was pregnant a little while after!

Housekeeping has slipped by the wayside slightly since having Jessica, but I felt like I couldn’t start routines to stay on top of things if those things were already on top of me. So I have been trying so hard to get things straight. I had hoped to be finished by tomorrow, but it think while the bulk of things will be done, I will have a few bits to do next week. I will though, be back on top of things by this time tomorrow, and can start keeping on top of things again.

I am using a hybrid of Brocante Home, Fly Lady and my own ideas. Basically little and often, maintain, maintain, maintain.

Once I have got into the groove of it all, and polished them up I will share my routines here.

The final sips of the last cup of tea of the day now. A hot water bottle filled ready to take up to bed. Wondering what adventures tomorrow will bring. Jessica had her first taste of pears last weekend, and carrots yesterday. Tiny adventures which are at the same time the biggest adventures in the world. Happy, lucky, blessed days.


3 thoughts on “Tired a Eyes

  1. Hello there
    I just wanted to leave a message to say I found your blog last year when I was searching for something Brocante Home related. I see you are an admirer of Alison’s writings too. When I found your blog you had just had your daughter and your blog posts had (understandably) stopped. I was so thrilled to find the other day that you have been blogging again and that is well with your little family. I hope you are able to return to the blogging world again at some point, your posts are lovely to read.
    Take care
    Lisa x

    1. Hi Lisa! thanks for your lovely comment! I do love Brocante home! it was really the first time I realised that there were other people out there who liked the same kind of things as me! I love the name of your blog! X

      1. I know what you mean about BH, it was a joy to find and because of it I finally found something which helped me get my head around running our household and help me get as organised as I’m ever likely to be.
        Being a huge thrifty shopper I wanted to get that idea incorporated into my blog name and who doesn’t love jelly and ice cream!
        Lisa x

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