(Continuing My A-Z of Things I Love) B is For…


When I was a little girl, there was a drapers in town called Wenlocks. All the buttons were in long plastic tubes, with one of the buttons on the end so you could see what was inside. Maybe it was being in my pushchair looking at the buttons at such a young age, or maybe it was rummaging through Mum’s button tin, but I do just love buttons!


There are few things more pleasurable in life than a long hot bath, in my opinion. Even as a little baby, Mum says if I was grumpy, a splash in the bath soon restored my spirits. Since having Jessica, a long hot uninterrupted bath feels as luxurious a day at the spa used to. I like some bubble bath, candles, a cup of tea and a good book…bliss!


Bread is one of those every day luxuries to me, but to so many of us it is so commonplace as to be overlooked. I like to pay a bit more for mine, as I prefer traditionally made, slowly fermented loaves. They taste wonderful and fill you up more…and interestingly I have never had a loaf go mouldy, just hard. Sourdough, pumpernickel, seeded…delicious. As much as I like eating it, I like making it too. When I have a bigger kitchen, I shall bake everyday!

Brocante Home

More than just a blog or aaa website, this is a lovely corner of the internet, home to the idea of Vintage Housekeeping. I have been reading for ten hears, I do believe! As Jessica is getting a little older, I am trying to get back into my housekeeping routines.


Books are one of the chief pleasures in my life, and I cannot resist them…nor do I have any desire to! I love the act of reading, both for pleasure and learning. I love the physicality of books, smelling their pages, the paper either crisp and new or softened from many readings. Some booms are old friends. They are little anchors for me, for particular times in my life, for memories. I like to tuck things inside books…cinema tickets, newspaper cuttings, flower petals. I think one day I shall design my own bookplate, I love the gift of a book, both in the giving and receiving. Libraries, book shops and other peoples bookshelves are heavenly placed for me.


Ahhh, bed. In the days before I had Jessica, and back in the days where I worked part time, or had a day off in the week for working Saturdays, I loved an occasional afternoon nap. I long for the comforts of bed more often than I get them these days. But when I am there, I love it. I have feather pillows and the softest, lightest but warmest duvet. I like to spritz the pillows with lavender, and couldn’t do without my hot water bottle. I like to sleep, of course, but one of my favourite parts of the day are those golden minutes in bed with a cup of tea and a book, reading until me eyes are too heavy. Then it is time to snuggle down in the warm and sleep until I am woken by the little mewing cries which signal Jessica has woken and wants to nurse.

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