Pretty Nostalgic

I picked up last month’s Good Housekeeping magazine partly attracted by a cover headline promising ‘a glamorous new you in 21 days’. Well that sounded pretty good to me! Imagine my disappointment when it was buy this, buy that, buy something else. I added up all the products promoted in the article, and it came to £782.92! Now I know they have advertisers to please but really!

Imagine how lovely it would be if there was a magazine which wasn’t enslaved to its advertisers…if there was a range of well written articles. Or trying to sell you anything, if the photographs were lovely, and the paper not glossy but lovely instead. Just imagine…

Well actually, you don’t have to imagine! Pretty Nostalgic is just such a magazine. Well, after an interesting start, they aren’t technically a magazine anymore, but a society of which the magazine is the journal. But oh, how lovely it is. There are no adverts scattered throughout the magazine, instead there is a discrete directory of carefully curated wonderful independent businesses. The motto is Spend Wisely, Waste Less, Appreciate More.

Wise words to live by. When the magazine had a bumpy time a few months back, I funded them through Kickstarter, and now I am going to be a Pretty Nostalgic Pioneer, where I help spread the word about this lovely little society.

So, to celebrate my becoming a Pioneer, and to share the loveliness, this is my first blog competition! The prize is the current issue, which is a special Goodwood edition. To enter, please ‘like’ the Pretty Nostalgic page on Facebook, and leave me a comment on this post telling me about your perfect cup of tea. Are you an Earl Grey lady, or do you prefer PG Tips? Do you sip from a cup, or prefer a chunky mug? Milk and sugar? At home or at a favourite tea shop? Alone or with company? Tell me all about it!

My favourite cup of tea is the first one of the day. Carl brings it up to me at about 6:30, and then goes downstairs to have a shower and get ready for work. I am half-awake half-asleep in the warm covers, and the Today programme is on Radio 4. Jessica is snuggled next to me in bed drowsy from her feed. The tea is decaffeinated (I limit my caffeine while breastfeeding) and comes in a mug. My favourite mug says ‘where there is tea there is hope’ and it is the one I was drinking from when I found I was expecting Jessica. Most mornings it is not very hot when I drink it, as I have usually dozed off for a bit, but it is definitely my favourite cup of the day.

Tell me about yours by November 30th and I will pick a winner!

Please excuse the poor photos, the light is terrible today!





2 thoughts on “Pretty Nostalgic

  1. My favourite cup of tea of the day is my last cup. Decaffeinated and served in my Royal Doulton chintz mug. I take it up to bed with me and get settled in bed with my hot water bottle and Millie the cat curled up by my feet. As I drink my tea I fill in my diary for the day then I empty my head of all the things I need to do tomorrow onto my list then I am free to enjoy the pleasure of a good book or a time on my Kindle before snuggling down to sleep.

    1. That sounds beautiful! If you would kindly email me your postal address, I will send you the copy of a pretty nostalgic, plus a little something extra to make up for it being so late! My email address is naomiclaxtonATliveDOTcoDOTuk (writing out the @ and . Means spa bits can’t pick up my email address!).

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