Jessica Jane Marie Claxton

Who would have thought that organizing a Christening would be 100 times more stressful than organizing a wedding? Yesterday we had our beautiful baby girl christened at the church where we married, by the vicar who married us. The service was lovely, and she slept right through the baptism. The little afternoon tea reception we put on in the church hall just down the road was lovely too, so wonderful to see so many of our friends and family together. But the getting there….well I am just amazed that I am not completely grey of hair!

We were working with short time scales, as between us, the church and the hall it was yesterday or January…and I was worried that if we waited until january she would not fit into her christening gown. Made from fabric from her great-aunty’s wedding dress, and first worn by her daddy, she also wore her great-grandfather’s petticoat and her aunty’s bonnet….and she looked beautiful, if a little difficult to hold with all the fabric!

I know how very bus people are, but we had so many people not know if they could make it or not, it was hard to know how many we were expecting, and as well as the practicalities such as having enough vintage teacups for them to drink tea from, enough glasses for the toast etc, I really didn’t want there to be too little food or masses left over. On another level, I just wanted to be settled in my mind about it all. So a quarter of our guests were maybe. Then the day and night before we started to get both confirmed and unconfirmed guests dropping out by text or Facebook. I was so unhappy Sunday morning. There was so much to do and it all just felt…so awful.

The worst moment was when we had fife minutes before we had to leave the hall for the church, and there was still SO much to do, and mum wanted me to ‘take a minute’ to see Carl and his Dad getting Jessica into her dress, I wish I had taken that minute, but all I could do was say ‘I haven’t GOT a minute’ which was true…but that sums up the morning!

And then we had more people stop me as we walked into church and say they weren’t coming back to the hall afterwards….

But then the service started, and it was sweet and simple, and they were so welcoming to us and our families and particularly the children in our group, it was lovely. When we arrived back at the hall, it was filled with family and friends, and everything else just melted away.

We had friends who came even though they are moving house tomorrow, friends who drove across the country to be with us, and then drive to collect another friend. So many people we love, and so much happiness in that little church hall. We are so blessed.






One thought on “Jessica Jane Marie Claxton

  1. She looks so adorable. And what a wonderful memory it will be for all of you, in spite of all the hectic activity and hubbub surrounding it. Seeing her dad and grandad dressing her would have been priceless. Over the years you will discover more such hectic moments and later there may be regret over missing them; but it will all come out in the wash, with the sweet memories surfacing and the other stuff sinking away. God bless your little girl and your sweet family.

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