Simple Soothing Soup

I haven’t made peace with the tiny kitchen in this house that I love so much yet. It is so small we had to buy a sideboard for the dining room to keep our crockery in. There is a useable work top area about the size of an a4 sheet of paper, so it is easy to quickly feel overwhelmed and on top of yourself.

So many evenings I am exasperated and sigh. But Mondays are always soothing. It is soup and a catch up for toe when my lovely friend Annastasia visits. We take it in turns to make the soup or bring the bread. Due to my baby brain, we both made soup yesterday…she brought her amazing fennel and potato soup. I could drink it by the bathtubfull!

My soup was the simple kind of cooking that soothes your soul. I roasted some parsnips, an onion and a potato with some oil and curry powder until tender, and then blitzed with some vegetable stock and a pinch if dried chillies.

We shared our soups and a fat little loaf of walnut bread. Simple, soothing, soulsome soup.


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