Monday Morning Moment

It is grey outside, and although it is not raining now, the pavement is still wet from an earlier shower.

Jessica is laying in the blanket her Nanny knitted her, playing with her new favourite toy, a tin mug. I have just fed the christening cake that I baked yesterday. It sits under a tea towel, and the scent of fruit cake hangs in the air and makes the living room smell of Christmas.

I am sipping hot tea from my owl mug, and the postman has just delivered the latest Dorothy Whipple novel to be published by Persephone. There will be a hot shower soon, and this afternoon we will be posting christening invitations, and catching a bus to the next village for our first baby yoga class. Later still there will be a visit from one of our dearest friends, and then a cosy evening back In Maldon with some friends of ours who are expecting their own baby. I am so, so excited for them, they have so much to look forward to.

This house could have been built for cosy rainy mornings. It is so snug in here. Tonight we are going to start lighting the Welcome Home candle. Our driveway and garage are at the back of the property, so Carl comes in through the garden and back door. I plan to light a candle in a jam jar and leave it in the bench outside the kitchen door, as a welcome home for him.

Life seems full of lovely little things at the moment. I hope your life is too,



One thought on “Monday Morning Moment

  1. I am catching up on your posts. Thoroughly enjoyed your Halloween post. And the cozy picture you paint with words in this post is lovely. The welcoming candle sounds wonderful. Jessica in her pumpkin suit is adorable. I love her sweet pixie smile—it reaches her eyes and they smile too. Life in your corner of the world is delightful.

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