Apple Day

Last time we went to Apple Day at Lathcoats Farm, I was newly pregnant, and it poured with rain. This year we had our little Jessica with us, and thankfully it stayed dry! I look forward to Apple Day every year..apart from being lovely in itself, it also heralds the start of autumn.

In the little barn which houses the living nativity in December, an apple tasting station had been set up. It is always really popular, so you have to be prepared for a few elbows in your ribs! We tried a few varieties that we hadn’t come across before, my favourite being Ribston Pippin. There was a new variety of apple which had not yet been named, and there was a clipboard for suggestions; ours were October Blush and Autumn Kiss.

I didn’t have time to enter the apple cake competition as Jessica was a little pickle on Friday when I had planned to make it, but I did enter the apple peel competition. Alas mine broke two thirds of the way down, and only measured 208cm….I think if I had gone all the way it might have won! Still, lots of fun, and there is always next year!

We took Jessica to see the farm animals, and had a wander around the little food market. I was really pleased to spot the Linden Lady chocolatiers there. They are a local company, and always have a stand at the knitting and stitching shows at Olympia and Alexandra Palace. Sadly I missed Alexandra Palace last weekend (I feel really sad about it as I get so much inspiration from it, but Jessica still won’t take a bottle so I can’t leave her
, but it wouldn’t have been fair to take her with me) and I always bring Carl back a bag of rum truffles, so he missed out. It was even the same man running the stall, so we bought a bag of dark chocolate mint crisps, delicious!

I think it will be even more enjoyable for us next year, as Jessica will be able to join in the apple tasting and be a bit more aware of what is going on. If you have anywhere near you that sells apples of more interesting varieties beyond Granny Smiths, do try something new. I can’t believe how cheap apples are, and seeing them all heaped together makes me think of them as a casket of autumn jewels.

If have an opportunity to lay in a little stock of essentials today, do take it if you can…it sounds like we are in for some wind and rain over the next few days. Snuggle up in the warm and keep safe!




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