Small Treasures and Little Pleasures

I have never been able to understand why the expression that somebody is easily pleased is used in a slightly derogatory manner. Direly if you can take pleasure in the little, simple things, then you have more of a chance of being pleased?

It makes me think of the bit in Pride and Prejudice when Lizzy accuses Darcy of going through the world determined to be displeased with everything and everyone in it. Carl and I are just the opposite, we set out to be pleased and amused, and more often than not, we are. And I take pains to remind him that he is lucky not to have a wife who is only pleased by diamonds and such!

Every hour of every day I am amazed by baby Jessica’s capacity for finding such pleasure in small things. She loves to feel different textures. I hear the soft little scratch scratch of her fingers exploring the sofa cover, feel her little hands wind their way into my hair, and see her smile with delight when she manages to pluck a tissue from the box and scrunch it up.

As much as I am teaching her about life, as much as I will teach her to talk, to walk, to eat, to read, to write, she teaches me about trust and joy, and she is a wonderful and wise little teacher.

When I opened the curtains today, I was met with a soft blanket of mist snuggled around the roof tops. I just adore misty mornings in autumn. I don’t know why but they feel special somehow. And I know when we take our morning walk later, we will more easily see all the spider webs, beaded with dew.

Then there is my new teacup, although I must confess hat I bought it with the idea of drinking hazelnut hot chocolate from it! It is from Paperchase should you want your own. I love owls, foxes, toadstools, acorns, autumn leaves and hedgehogs, so this was just a perfect find, and feels so lovely to hold in my hand.

There is the new issue of a Psychologies magazine to read in the bath over the weekend. You can’t imagine the pleasure of a deep hot candlelit bath while Carl minds Jessica. Tranquil and recharging.

I hope your Friday is filled with simple pleasures too,





One thought on “Small Treasures and Little Pleasures

  1. Those who disdain easily pleased people often view them as simpletons and fools; and they think themselves worldly and high minded and knowing better. Their loss. Simple joys and pleasures abound and a content person will delight in them. Babies come into the world with much to discover. And if/when they are well loved, life is a joyous adventure. My heart breaks when I consider that there are wee ones who suffer much at the hands of their providers, and find life painful. And likely grow up and become the adults who disdain we who are easily pleased, having little or no pleasure in life themselves.

    Your cup is adorable. I too love all those things you mentioned, which is funny because in the 1970’s when they were “in” here in the states I didn’t like them at all. Popular again, I find myself loving them. I do wonder when they will disappear, as I’ve lived long enough to see things come round in cycles. I’ll be sad to see them go.

    Happy Autumn!!

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