3 thoughts on “Jessica

  1. (Edit: I posted this comment on the wrong date, so am reposting it here!)

    She is a darling and so blessed to have a loving mommy–and daddy! I’m sure he is very happy too. With the busy-ness and limited time a good goal might be to try to write daily in a journal, jotting down the highlights of the day. You will forget so many things over the years. I did not keep a journal and wish I had. And back in the day many kept baby books. I had one, started it but did not keep it up. These kinds of records are wonderful in later years. Although with present day technology you might keep a video log, might be easier to record and edit later. If you find the time, we’ll be looking forward to updates. Take care!

    PS: Might she have gotten the salmonella during the trip down the birth canal? It is possible based on what I’ve read

  2. She is adorable! Beautiful pictures. I have been meaning to post (came over from Brocantehome a while ago) for some time. My twins are now 16, but I remember this lovely stage very clearly. Enjoy!

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