In Which Our May Baby Became a June Baby

To paraphrase Yeats:

All is changed, changed utterly,
A wonderful beauty is born…

Life for us will never be the same again, because our amazing baby girl is here at last. It felt like we waited for her forever…we found out that we were expecting a year to the day after we started trying for a baby. We were expecting a May baby! due on the 21st although the midwife said she would be surprised if she wasn’t early. Well, our little girl had other ideas…

On Sunday, the first day of July, the midwife visited us at home to try and hurry the baby along. When she took my blood pressure, it was high, so she phoned the day assessment unit who asked us to go in for monitoring, so off we went.

After an hour or so we were told we could probably go home, but a dr had to sign us off first, and we might have to wait an hour for the dr to be free. 6 hours later, at half past midnight, the dr came, and said rather than going home, he was admitting us and inducing the baby. They found us a bed some time later, and at 3am our induction journey started.

I will skate over the details, but it was a long, long process which I found to be painful, and unfortunately after 3 days of interventions and induction, we were no closer than when we started.

On Wednesday morning, we were advised that we would need a Caesarean section, and that we would have priority in theatre. There were a few emergencies, but at about 1:45 we walked into theatre.

It’s a small world, as I discovered-my surgeon was the son of a lady I used to work with in the library! They delivered our baby girl surprisingly quickly, and when they passed her to us we fell in love instantly. She is the image of her daddy, and just perfect.

It takes quite a long time to be stitched up afterwards (I’m the event I was stapled!) and then our new little family went off to recovery, where we had our first feed, and from there went back to our room.

Everything was perfect, until I suddenly felt sick. I don’t remember anything else, but I suddenly developed eclampsia and had a series of fits. I was so lucky as Carl was in the room and hit the emergency button. From what I understand, he probably saved my life. I was so lucky, and after 2.5 hours I was stabilised, but because it was late at night, they did not have enough specialist staff to care for me if there was another emergency, so I had to go to another ward, without my baby.

I now know that as part of the treatment I had a massive dose of Valium, so I was very confused and didn’t really know what had happened. I just missed my baby desperately and was devastated I couldn’t be feeding her. Happily the next morning we were back together, although it was a few days before I could feed her again.

And then the recovery process started. To begin with it was so hard, I couldn’t pick up the baby, I couldn’t feed her or change her, and Carl even had to feed me.

But bit by bit, things got better, and finally, a week after we arrived, we were discharged and allowed to go home. I have an awful lot of medication, and I have been told to think in terms of months rather than weeks in terms of being fully recovered. But all I can think is how very, very lucky I am, not only to be here, but to be here with a baby girl of my very own.

So, dearest friends, I would like to introduce Jessica Jane Marie. I can’t believe we made her, that she is here, and we get to keep her!





11 thoughts on “In Which Our May Baby Became a June Baby

  1. Oh, she is beautiful! I have been popping in here every day and suspecting her arrival was the reason for your absence!

    So sorry for all you’ve been through, my goodness what an ordeal. Wishing for a speedy recovery for you, and enjoy your babymoon!


  2. So happy that baby Jessica is here! What a sweet little baby. So sorry for all the problems you had. Having babies isn’t easy. Look at it this way, you’re one tough little cookie to handle all that. Best wishes!

  3. Hello! I’m really sorry to hear about your terrifying ordeal – it must be one of the most horrid things to happen after such an otherwise happy event. At least you’re getting back on your feet now and have your new little girl to focus on! 🙂 She’s a bonny little baby and looks a lot like both of you, I think.

    Anyway, I hope things are still continuing to go well and you’re adjusting to the newness of motherhood. Best wishes to you and Jessica and Carl. Xx

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! How in the world I missed this post, I have no idea, but I did. Your precious baby girl is ADORABLE. What a entrance into the world though. It sounds such a hard and scary ordeal for you—and of course Carl too, poor Carl. But you are on the road to recovery, and in time, soon, you will be back to normal and you have your sweet darling, finally. It was a long wait but so worth it, in spite of the difficulty. Again, Congratulations and God Bless. And prayers for a speedy recovery.

  5. Cong
    Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you. I have been reading your blog for years and knew you wanted to start a family. And yes, your world will never be the same again. Children really enrich your life. Enjoy your baby and your new life. I look forward to reading about your new life.
    Teresa, Sacramento, California

  6. She is a darling and so blessed to have a loving mommy–and daddy! I’m sure he is very happy too. With the busy-ness and limited time a good goal might be to try to write daily in a journal, jotting down the highlights of the day. You will forget so many things over the years. I did not keep a journal and wish I had. And back in the day many kept baby books. I had one, started it but did not keep it up. These kinds of records are wonderful in later years. Although with present day technology you might keep a video log, might be easier to record and edit later. If you find the time, we’ll be looking forward to updates. Take care!

    PS: Might she have gotten the salmonella during the trip down the birth canal? It is possible based on what I’ve read.

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