Little Things

It really is the little things that are making my world wonderful right now.

…our new sideboard still scenting the downstairs of the house with pine, even a month after we got it…

…the new yarn I started crocheting a shawl with this morning, to help pass the time until the baby arrives. It is called ‘Montana’, and is made by Sirdar.

…sitting in the sofa with Mum today, me crocheting, her embroidering, us both chatting and sipping tea.

…my window box of herbs flourishing. I can’t resist pinching the lemon verbena each time I pass.

…the friendly but shy cat who sat and watched me take photos of the wall that runs along the side of our terrace, and eventually leads to our garden.

…the latest issue of a magazine I love.

…a thoughtful friend emailing me a chapter a day to read of a really inspirational book about letting go.

…some lovely emails and texts from friends and family.

…finding that even after the long blog silence there are still wonderful people out there reading me, and even more wonderful, taking the time to leave me a comment. I can’t tell you how much that means to me!

…the plumber fixing the boiler, but needing to run the heating to make sure they had fixed it, which made the whole house smell of baby clothes, as the boiler is in the nursery!

…feeling the baby kick and squiggle away with excitement when her daddy comes home and she can hear his voice.

…a cup of tea partaken of in the garden with my lovely husband when he got home from work a bit earlier than usual.

Amidst the waiting, there are happy, happy days, and much for me to be grateful for.





6 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Your world sounds so cozy! Love the yarn for your new shawl. The cat is adorable and it’s shyness comes across in the photo. The herb window box and brick garden wall are just charming. And baby girl recognizing daddy’s voice, one of life’s miracles isn’t it. So nice that your mum can join you there. I was wondering how your father is doing?

  2. What a lovely post Mimi. The waiting will soon be over and your daughter will be here with her mummy and daddy, The very best thing I ever did in my life was having my darling girl – it seems like only yesterday when I was waiting for her to arrive. Now she’s 24 years old and an army wife!! Where did all those years go?!!!

  3. Little things, small pleasures. These are the stuff of life! What a charming post, Mimi. You’re so darling, I’m so glad you’re back evoking your wonderfully cosy world. I hope the baby is with you soon and thatyou still find time for blogging. I know how hard it can be with a three month old! However it is not the baby stopping me from bloghing at the moment but the mounds of SATS marking! Take care x

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