This little home of ours is always lovely, but seems to come into its own on a rainy day. So here I am on a rainy Monday afternoon, wrapped in my shawl on the sofa, with a cup,of tea to hand. The photo here is my current view, and it makes me smile every time I look up. To the right is a built in cupboard to about half the height of the room, on which we have our television. To the left is its twin, and I have one of our little book cases on top of that one. There is a window that looks out onto our road, which is really quiet considering how close to town we are. After ten years of living in either a first floor flat or a flat off the road entirely, it is a real novelty to be able to watch people walk past!

From this room, we go into the dining room. There is a lovely nook under the stairs, with a sloping ceiling over the nook, where we have out a new line sideboard, which smells divine! There is another fireplace, and a tall built in cupboard, which I have used as a cocktail cabinet! We have our little table and chairs in this room, and there is a window that looks down into our garden.

From here we can go through a door which leads to the stairs, or through into the kitchen. Let’s go into the kitchen for now. The first thing you will notice is that it is very cosy! Although it can be frustrating, especially as I am used to a big kitchen, it does force you to be disciplined and has a certain zen quality to it. The cooker is brand new, which is a novelty to me, and it feels really lovely to be the first to use something like this. The kitchen is so small that all our crockery, cutlery, cups and so forth have to live in the sideboard in the living room!

Most nights when I mama cooking, I have the back door in the kitchen open to let in some cool air and let out the cooking smells. It opens into a little paced courtyard area, where there is a little bench and my window box full of herbs. Over the fence is the neighbours kitchen, and they often have their door open too…there is something about this that reminds me of a holiday park, in a nice way!

At the end of our cosy little kitchen is one more door, and this leads to the bathroom. Oh, the bath is deep! And the water is hot! There is quite a lot of wood panelling, but it actually works really well, and I have kept things very simple in here, with lots of tea lights in glass votive holders, and one perfect bottle of bubble bath rather than lots of odds and ends.

The stairs are narrow and steep, and apparently this alongside the downstairs bathroom out a lot of people off, but I think it gives the house character. Mind your head as you go up, or you might bump it!

On the left is what will be the baby’s room, with a lovely view over the long garden, and the roofs and chimneys. Carl and I love to come up here and watch the rain from this window, or just open one of the drawers and breathe in the scent of baby clothes.

The only other room up here is our room, which is large and airy and has a fireplace. I have my writing desk up here on one side of the chimney breast, and the tall bookshelf on the other. We are trying to keep it all as clutter free as can be, as it just feels so relaxing that way.

Let’s take our pot of tea out into the garden now. I love our garden so much! At the end of the paved courtyard is a communal path for the people in our terrace to have access to their back doors, and after that you go through a honeysuckle arch and are in the garden. It is long and thin, with a little path down to the garage, running parallel to the washing line. I can’t even tell you the bliss of line dried clothes after three years of drying them inside!

Let’s sit at the table here…the grey cat that lives next door is probably watching us from somewhere along the fence. She was very shy at first, but is getting braver by the day. She is fascinated by our pond, and sometimes I just sit and watch her try to catch leaves floating in the water.

We eat out here quite often…this morning I made us a pot of coffee and we are croissants in the sunshine. It is hard to believe that it was only this morning, when it is so rainy now.

When the baby is here, and it is sunny again, I can’t wait to bring ether out here with me, and let her kick her little legs in the sunshine.

It is so hard waiting for the baby. We are 5 days overdue now. I know she will come when she is ready, but every day it feels further away. And it is getting harder to believe that there really will be a baby.

But I am told that once she is here! it will feel like she has always been with us, and I will soon forget these days of waiting. It makes me smile to think of such a tiny thing with no idea that there is a world outside my tummy, but there is, and we have turned it upside down in the best possible way getting ready for her arrival! We just need her to be on her way now!

Come and visit again soon,








2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Ahhh, I love a Victorian terraced house. Our proper home (i.e. not the one we’re renting) was built in 1902 and is very similar by the sounds of it, though underwent quite a lot of changes in the 1990s by the previous owners. Thankfully, it still retains a lot of its original features and when we get back in there, I can’t wait to begin doing some work on it (in particular, to regain the fireplace that I know is hiding under the plaster). I know that when the cooler weather comes around, you’ll love having a fire roaring in the hearth to warm everything up – there’s nothing like it (just get your chimneys tested first!)

    Enjoy your new house šŸ™‚

    Best wishes,

  2. It looks and sounds just lovely. The lantern in the fireplace, LOVE that. Love the white walls, and the wood floors, it does give that sense of spaciousness and calm. Five days overdue? My first baby was 2 weeks late. Late is normal with firsts. Perhaps she is here by now? I hope so and that all is well.

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