Tea on a Monday Morning

Last time I had tea with Anna, it was in September. I think I might be pregnant, I said. I didn’t know it, but I was nearly 6 weeks pregnant at the time. We were sitting in Stewart’s, chatting and chatting as we always do, over pots of tea and lunch. Somehow the months have melted away, and a lot has happened for both of us since then – an engagement, an ever-growing belly, a house move, and a hundred and one little things.

And so today I filled the new-to-me vintage teapot my Mum gave me (cream with beautiful flowers moulded on to it, the handle on the lid being a little blossom) set out the tea cups, and looked forward to her visit.

Whenever we catch up, we have the loveliest of times, and it is like we only saw each other yesterday. We just pick up where we left off, and talk and talk and talk. Some of the best things I took away from school weren’t qualifications, but friends. We took A Level History together, and I am so glad we did.

I always feel inspired when I have spent time with Anna – today I find myself wanting to organize, organize, organize…and buy a new purse!

I am so lucky, I have the kind of friends who should be available on prescription – they have a way of making you feel better!

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