This last week, it has been the little things that have been making me smile…

…lunch with a friend I made while working in the cabinet office at Stewart’s teashop – lunch in Stewart’s is always a treat, but as it was Valentine’s week, they brought us over a tiny home-made Valentine cupcake each!

…Valentine’s dinner with Carl at the Cellar, one of my favourite places to have dinner, but we only seem to go once a year. It isn’t hugely expensive, we just like to keep it for a special treat. The food was amazing, but the nicest thing is the service – they seem to genuinely want you to have a good evening. As the name suggests, the Cellar is underground, and it was lit almost entirely by candles in wine bottles. Nicest of all, on our table was a candle in a bottle, and the bottle was painted with our names, and it was ours to take home. How thoughtful!

…a walk around the park this afternoon in glorious sunshine, with a cup of tea and a paper bag full of duck pond. Some of the crocuses were out on the far bank, and even a few early daffodils were nodding in the breeze. The kind of day that makes you feel good to be alive.

…one of the biggest littlest things, our new baby nephew, Zachary, who was born in the early hours of Wednesday morning and who we spent a happy few hours visiting. I had a lovely cuddle with him, but I’m not too sure our baby took kindly to it – she kicked away for quite a while!

…the scent of another bunch of daffodils, filling the room.

…a visit with a slightly larger little thing, my friend’s 10 month old baby who is delightedly exploring using her legs and being able to turn the pages of chunky board books, beaming with pleasure all the while.

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