On a bright February morning, January seems a very long time ago already, somehow. We saw it in as we usually do, with some dear friends (do pop over to see Midori Green and read about her year-long wardrobe project), and had lunch with another set of friends on New Year’s Day, just as we always do.

I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be the year of change and things won’t quite be the same next New Year’s – not least because our little baby girl (I have taken to calling her Little Miss Sunshine, as at every scan we have had she has her hands over her face, looking just like Little Miss Sunshine) will be with us, but because when the New Year breezed in at midnight, it seemed to bring the stirrings of change for a lot of people and areas of my life.

I have some very big changes coming myself – of course there is Little Miss Sunshine, after whose arrival I suspect our world will never be the same again, in the most lovely of ways, but there is also the question of a new home to accommodate our new family, and there are some huge things happening at work, which are exciting and terrifying all at once, and I will be able to tell you more about soon.

January saw me go to the first meeting of the New City WI Girls group. They had hired the back room of a pub, and when we got there, we saw what we thought were some ladies having a cigarette outside. However it turned out to be the queue to get in, which stretched around the block! Our first meeting was a record breaking meeting, with 150 ladies in attendance. We ended up taking over the whole pub, and they have had to find a new venue (the Cathedral) for the next meeting! The programme for the year looks really good, and in March there will be a talk from a stuntwoman who has worked on films from Titanic to Harry Potter!

I started my library project, and have kept up with keeping a list of the library books I borrowed. I saved lots of money, and got lots of pleasure. One or two books I have gone on to buy my own copy of, and some that I expected to love I didn’t even finish, and sent back to the library quickly!

My Mum came with me to the hospital for one of my scans, and it was such a lovely moment, being together and watching the baby on the screen. We had a pot of tea and some delicious cherry and almond cake in Stewart’s afterwards – I am sure I must have mentioned it here already, but it can lay claim to not only being the oldest tea shop in Chelmsford, but by far the nicest!

There have been lots of cozy evenings with a good book and a hot water bottle, lots of morning walks to work in smudgy hazy mist or gentle drizzle, and one or two rain showers too. We haven’t quite yet got to those really crisp mornings, but I think they are on the way.

Our mornings have changed so much since Carl got his new job (which happily he seems to be settling into well, and enjoying) one of the best things being that I get a cup of tea delivered to the bedside just after 6:00 each morning. What better way to wake up than to your lovely husband, a cup of tea, Radio 4, and a few gentle kicks from your baby?

In January I was gifted a glorious bag of Seville Oranges which I am going to turn into marmalade shortly, I painted my nails bright red to match my lips, and discovered a fabulous new facial oil from Marks and Spencer (although I found it very cynical of them that once it got amazing reviews and they sold out, when they brought it back, they had put the price up by a 25%!) I knitted more of the little cardigan I am making, helped with a baby shower for my sister-in-law, made Cake Pops for the first time, and planned lots of adventures for the year ahead. Some people find January gloomy, but to be honest, I love the fresh-new-start feel to it.

There has been the shadow of work stress and worry, but this month there has been far more silver lining than cloud.

And now I shall take myself off to the kitchen, make a pot of tea and some toast, and smile at my vase of daffodils while I wait for the courier to deliver our pram….

Happy, happy February everyone!


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