Counting My Blessings

Yesterday morning, I read a little story on Facebook – it was one of those fictional ones, designed to make you think. There was a list of little things that had gone wrong in a day, ending with the person saying what a bad day it has been. It was little things, like the car not starting first time so being late for work, the telephone not working when they wanted to make a call. For each thing, there was a good reason why it had happened – if they had started their car first time, they would have been caught up in a car accident, that kind of thing.

I didn’t think much more about it, until yesterday afternoon. We were going to babysit my godchildren for the evening, and as we set off, one or two fat drops of rain hit the windscreen. It is only a 20 minute journey, but 10 minutes later, w were driving in what is now being called a mini-tornado – the sky was black, the rain and hail was pelting down, the wind was buffeting us. Visibility was minimal, so we drove very slowly, and made it off the A12 without incident. However, as we drove a bit further, a fallen tree blew straight into our path, and we hit it.

We were so, so lucky. It has smashed the wing mirror and left it hanging by a wire, scratched the paintwork, but it could have been so much worse. A little lower, and it would have got caught in our wheels, a little higher, it would have been through the windscreen, and in each case, heaven knows what would have happened.

So on one hand, I might be expected to be not very happy that we had the accident and the car is damaged, and it was  scary – but actually I am just thanking heaven that it was not worse, and thinking about how lucky we are!


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