A Rainy January Saturday

The lovely thing about rainy winter afternoons is that it makes it so much easier to feel cosy! It gives you something to snuggle up against, I think.

We have had a little adventure out this morning – we took a drive down to Carl’s new workplace, so he could see how long it takes, and how much petrol it uses, and so I could see where he will be working. On the way home, we stopped ever so briefly at Ikea, so I could buy a pair of flasks for us to take tea or coffee out in when we go on our adventures…or perhaps take soup to work in, for lunch on cold January days….

Outside my window…the rain is pattering and the light is fading gently to dusk

I am thinking… about the last episode of Death Comes To Pemberley, which I have just watched, and trying to remember what happened in the book (I think they have made quite a few changes, but I read it a while ago!)

I am thankful…for a quiet, cosy afternoon with Carl, before we both go back to work next week.

In the kitchen…freshly baked scones, warm from the oven, ready to be eaten with raspberry jam and a pot of tea.

I am wearing… my new green maternity dress from Mothercare – it is the first time I have seen a maternity dress that I would want to wear if I wasn’t pregnant! It looks quite vintage, and goes nicely with the red colour I have in my hair at the moment. 

I am creating… a patchwork quilt for the baby, using fabric in a Little Red Riding Hood pattern

I am going… to have a hot bath soon, as I am feeling quite chilly!

I am wondering… if it will still be rainy tomorrow morning, or if we will be able to get out and about for a walk and some fresh air. 

I am reading… actually I have just finished ‘The Pure In Heart’ by Susan Hill – and really hoping that the next in the series picks up where this left off. I have some non-fiction on the go (see my new Library Project page!) but will be taking the Nov/Dec issue of Pretty Nostalgic magazine into the bath to read. 

I am hoping… that some unresolved issues at work get resolved very soon.

I am looking forward to… lunch with my sister on Wednesday, at our favourite tea-shop, Stewarts, to talk about a baby shower! 

I am hearing… the tv programme Carl is watching (I think it is an episode of Nikita) and the pattering of the rain. 

Around the house… the Christmas decorations need taking down and putting away, and our gifts need homes finding for them…as do some of the bits for the baby we bought in the January sales. I know it is not Twelfth Night until tomorrow, but the house feels ready to shake off the old and be a bit more streamlined for January.

I am pondering… the layout of the squares for the Red Riding Hood quilt, what kind of fabric to use for the backing, and how thick to make the padding. I want fat, puffy little squares!

One of my favorite things… hot chocolate that my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas – it is from the cafe chain Paul, and is very thick, rich and delicious. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: plan some packed lunches ready for when we both go back to work, a trip to the library for some more fiction, trying to decide when to start my maternity leave.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, wherever you are – and an extra special weekend wish to the lovely Vintage Pretty, who will be celebrating her birthday soon!

Love, Mimi xxx


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