A Walk To The Farm Shop

I am trying to get out for a gentle walk each day, to get some fresh air, a little exercise, and clear my mind. My cough is improving at last, so it seems to be doing the trick. We are lucky enough to live very near a good sized park, so I started my walk there this morning. Come with me – but bundle up warm, it is cold out, but very bright.

First we come to the lake. Bigger than a pond, but fairly small for a lake, the sunlight reflects on it dazzlingly. The trees that line the edge are all skeletons now, and the water is so high from the recent rain that the lake is overlapping onto the walkway. Mind where you step, so you don’t get wet feet!

Here we are going past Cake On The Lake – I stop for a moment to consider buying a bag of duck food, but it looks closed, so we wander on. The Canada Geese are bustling about on the path ahead, but they will move out of our way when we get closer.

There aren’t many people in the park today. Perhaps it is the chilly wind, perhaps it is a bit early for them  yet. But look – there might not be many people about, but there are lots of grey squirrels! On a little further, and we walk by the river. Let’s sit on this bench, just for a while, and watch the canoes paddle by. The sunshine is shining so brightly here, it looks like that tree has Christmas lights on it.

Be careful as we walk here, getting back to the path from the bench is slippery with mud. We are nearly in town now. Let’s turn right, and take a gentle stroll up to Moulsham Street, and visit the Farm Shop that has opened there. I am so curious about this – a Farm Shop without a Farm! Let’s look in the window before we go in – look at those macaroons!

Hmm, it seems curiously empty – but as we get closer to the counter to look at the salad vegetables, I can hear the man telling another customer that they are waiting on some deliveries that have been held up over Christmas and New Year. Wow, these tomatoes smell amazing – aptly named Bliss – I can’t resist a small bunch on the vine.

And over here, wholemeal loaves baked with sunflower seeds, and made with local flower – and unbelievably soft and squashy. One of these will have to go into my basket too.

Oh, tea from Bury St Edmunds! Well, blended there, anyway – as far as I know, the only tea grown in this country is down in Cornwall, on the Tregothnan estate. Maybe next time I come I will pick up a box to try.

Having paid for my purchases, as we leave the shop, the bell over the door tinkles behind us. Let’s say goodbye here. There are lots of charity shops on this road, that you might like to explore. But I am feeling tired now, and I think it is time for me to go home for a pot of tea.

Let’s do this again soon…


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