A Saturday In December

As much as I love Christmas, I also love these in-between days before the New Year. This morning I had that wonderful moment when you wake up, blinking, stretching in the warm under the covers, and have to think just for a moment to remember which day it is. Blissful…

And so has followed a gentle day. I spent the morning sipping tea and reading, finishing the new James Bond novel – William Boyd has done the best job so far of capturing both Ian Fleming’s voice, and the character of Bond, I think, and I enjoyed it. There is a tiny unfinished thread in the story which makes me wonder if he has been commissioned to write a sequel, or at least has one planned – I hope so!

Lunch was another day of Christmas left-overs, where I turn out the contents of the fridge, and we take our pick. Best of all is a tub of Mum’s sage and onion stuffing, which is really more of a very thick sage and onion bread sauce, but all the more wonderful for it.

Mid-afternoon, I felt the need for fresh air in my lungs, so we wrapped up warm and took a gentle walk down to the lake in the park. The sunshine was dazzlingly bright, the kind that accompanies the kind of day where the cold is enough to make your nose tingle and enjoy being cosily wrapped up, but not so cold that it is uncomfortable.

We bought tea and a bag of duck food, and wandered over to the lake to feed the birds – only they really were not interested at all! We had to pursue them with intent – I think they had their heads turned by the lady with a fresh new loaf of white bread, and our boring duck food could not compete with that!

Then home where I have spent some time catching up on some favourite blogs, and discovering some new ones. I want to read the archives of daffysgarden.blogspot.co.uk before moving on to her new blog at acheerfullivingadventure.wordpress.com – I think there is going to be lots there to inspire me, on both blogs.

I also came across http://roachling.blogspot.co.ukhttp://www.talesfromahappyhouse.comhttp://asliceofmylifewales.blogspot.co.uk, and http://beautythatmoves.typepad.com – all of which I think are going to become firm favourites. Beauty That Moves is staring an online workshop in January called ‘Hibernate’ and I have to say that I am very tempted to sign up.

All of the blogs above have similar themes, which are things I have been thinking about lately. I find it interesting that I didn’t go looking for them, but stumbled across them, which makes me think about that idea of attracting the things you put energy into thinking about. I hesitate to say ‘these blogs are about’ because it seems a little rude to read some posts and then try and label a blog, but they have themes of simple living, the pleasures of the home, making, creating, and being thrifty but in a positive way. This following post is one that I will want to read again in the coming months:


It is a rounding up post at the end of a project to capture ideas for  frugal living, shared by a community of bloggers.

Because really, this is one of my favourite things about this time of year. The time that seeds of ideas and projects start planting themselves in your mind for the coming year. Resolving to spend money more wisely, to complete a project, to learn a new language….the possibilities are endless.

I already have some in mind (although Carl smiles at me and says that perhaps having a baby could count as my project next year!) which include visiting the new WI Girls group which is starting in town, with a view to joining, working my way through the New Year’s Revolution download, and rediscovering my joy.

I am lucky enough to have some quiet days ahead where I can crystallize my thoughts some more and do some proper thinking – the kind of thing that sometimes in the midst of ever-day life there sometimes doesn’t feel like there is enough time to do!

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