Simple Pleasures

I am sitting by the light of the Christmas Tree, having a nice evening, but not quite the evening I had planned. Carl has gone out for a quiet drink and a catch-up with his friends, so I thought it would be the perfect evening to catch up on a few programmes like Call The Midwife and Death Comes To Pemberley.

Alas, a few days before Christmas, our television died…I was excited when I turned it on and it worked again for 2 whole minutes, but I am glad that I didn’t call Carl and tell him about how I had fixed it, as it fizzled and died. So, undaunted I turned to the iplayer on my laptop….but it won’t load anything. Aha! I thought….itv player and Midsomer Murders – but it will only play me the opening adverts!

So instead, I am going to enjoy my dinner of Christmas-leftovers (is there anything nicer?) wrapped in my nightie and new Christmas shawl, while reading the new James Bond novel by William Boyd instead. Although I was looking forward to an evening of period drama, there is something rather lovely about the peace and quiet and stillness in our little home.

Funnily enough, although I do look forward to the festive issue of the Radio Times and the programmes on over Christmas, my favourite times are the family times, the board games, the card games. The pots of tea, the gathering together, it really is just blissful.

When our baby is here, these are the memories I want it to have, these are the things I want it to look forward to about Christmas.

Our Christmas was so simple, but so lovely. We woke together at home, and opened our Christmas stockings, and had our traditional croissant breakfast. I had a card and gift from the baby which made me well up – a pair of ear muffs to help through the first few weeks, along with some of the sweetest words from Carl. Then, off to my family, for gifts and tea and chat. Mum has decorated the tree in her front garden (an ornamental cherry, all bare branches at the moment) with silver baubles, which looked wonderful. We left just before they had lunch (although not before sampling the turkey and a few sausage rolls!) and went on to Carl’s parents.

The fire was burning, there were gifts under the tree, a delicious dinner, and then card games and board games, grazing on a cold supper of leftovers and cheese (I found pasteurised brie and it was amazing!) before bed. Just simple, simple times, but really wonderful.

I hope that all of you had a lovely Christmas too, and are enjoying these quiet in-between days before the New Year starts.

And now, I am off to make another cup of tea, and settle in with my book for the evening.

Love, Mimi xxx


2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. A very late comment to say what a beautiful post I found this; that,in the absence of a TV you have had the chance to think about Christmas and what you want it to mean to you and your family. I hope last year’s was near your expectations, and I’m sure there will be many more that match your dreams. My children are teenagers now and, I’m happy to say, I can’t tell you what was on TV in many of the years that they were young (except Dr Who. That was an institution) but that we have had years of fun playing card games, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and many many hours of laughter.

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