Radio 4 on Christmas Eve

I was expecting to be at work this Christmas Eve, for the first time, I think, since I started working. But on Friday I finally went to the doctor after the cough I have been nursing since I went down with Noro at the end of November took a turn for the worst…and he firmly told me I needed to rest and have some time away from work.

So here I am on Christmas Eve, with the Carols From Kings just playing on BBC Radio 4, the Christmas tree lights shining, and a bunch of glittery thistles twinkling in the glow. My cards are written, my gifts wrapped, and I feel a lovely sense of peace.

I can’t believe that next year, we will have our baby with us, a whole new person to create Christmas magic for. I can’t quite believe how much life is going to change next year – Carl has a new job, I will be either in a new job or redundant, we will have moved, and have become a family of 3. The funny thing is, for somebody who needs to know how things are going to be, needs to know which bus I will be catching home, what time I am meant to be where…I feel ok about the amount of unknowns I have in my life a the moment.

I have sipped a pot of tea and read some lovely blogs – Tash, your posts always inspire me so much – and am about to go for an afternoon bath. I have always loved Christmas, but the past few years, I feel like it is becoming more and more simple, and actually, that is a rather lovely thing. When I see the magazine covers promising to take ‘the stress’ out of Christmas, I can’t help but think it is such a negative thing to be going into it expecting stress. I love crafting my cards, choosing out or making gifts slowly over a month or two, decorating our home, planning some festive treats, and filling the air with the scents of Christmas spices. Looking forward to seeing family and friends…

Although our television died yesterday, I have got some lovely programmes set to record, including Death Comes To Pemberley, which I am really looking forward to watching (eventually!). I have a new ball of wool to do some quiet crochet with, a book from the library to read, a new magazine, and a bag of satsumas.

Bliss…I am ready. I hope that you are all having a Christmas Eve similarly filled with lovely things, and that tomorrow is wonderful and magic filled for you all. I will be having a sip of tea for you all, from my Father Christmas mug….

Love, Mimi xxx


One thought on “Radio 4 on Christmas Eve

  1. Hello Mimi,

    It sounds like you have a lot of very exciting things in the pipeline (so to speak!) and that 2014 will be a very exciting time for you. I can’t wait to hear all about it and what will happen for you in 2014. I hope that you look after yourself and both have a splendid Christmas and New Year. Thanks for your kind words about the blog – it’s always nice to know someone enjoys it šŸ™‚

    Best wishes,


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