2013, The Autumn of Hibernation

Today has been one of those slightly hazy, misty November days, the kind that put me in mind of T. S. Eliot for some reason, and make you glad to reach your own front door, and equally glad to peek into lighted windows on your way there.

We have candles alight, and that settled-in hibernating feeling. Actually, I have had that hibernating feeling a lot this autumn. So many early nights, so many mornings where I have woken up and immediately thought with pleasure of the first opportunity I would have to snuggle back down again.

When we were driving over to visit Dad in hospital the other evening, and it occurred to me that if it was summer, it would feel like the evening was only just beginning because of the sunlight, but in autumn, it felt like time to be home and settling in for the evening.

I think it is amazing that nature gives us what we need at different times of the year. When we need to slow down, rest, conserve our energy then we have less daylight and nourishing warming root vegetables in abundance. There are citrus fruits full of vitamin C just when colds and flu are rife. And come summer when we have more energy, we have so much more daylight and light, cooling foods like lettuce and strawberries all around us.

It seems that nature is even more clever than I realised, though. It seems there is a reason why I have been needing so much sleep lately…in May we will be welcoming our own little baby into the world. I was a little late in finding out, but as I looked at the positive test, so many things fell into place. And now I am nearly 14 weeks along, have seen our wriggly little baby at our first scan, and am finally starting to feel ever so slightly less tired, and thankfully a whole lot less sick!

We told our closest family and friends first-hand of course, but wanted to do something fun for our facebook announcement – so I took a photo of a pair of Carl’s shoes, a pair of mine, and a little pair of booties between them with the caption ‘Coming May 2014’.

And so my hibernation has taken on a special quality now. In the hazy time before I drop off to sleep at night, I am thinking about the things I want to teach my baby, the life we want to create for it. When we are driving over to see Dad, we talk about the little things we remember from our own childhoods, that we want to recreate for our little one. It’s a happy time, thinking and planning.

We also have good news about Dad – after nearly 2 months in hospital, he is ready to start is rehabilitation at home, and I have to say that the NHS has been amazing. They have visited Mum at home and installed grab-rails and have sent an air mattress, and have given him a full-time care package. So it will be a big transition for everyone from hospital care to home care, but it feels like there is a lot of support in place, which is just great.

I am hoping that now I have ever so slightly more energy, I am going to be able to make a bit more time for blogging in the evenings – I have had so many little adventures that I haven’t shared yet, and have lots to share about my big baby adventure!


3 thoughts on “2013, The Autumn of Hibernation

  1. Congratulations!! A new baby is a wonderful thing–yes, your life will change drastically but your joy will increase immensely. I’m happy for you to that your dad is progressing and able to come home. The NHS sounds great.

  2. Congratulations and best wishes! I am looking forward to reading more of your new adventures. Such an exciting time for you! Great news about your dear dad, too.

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