Wednesday Surprises

I had one of those delightful impromptu lunches today, with my lovely husband. We suddenly realised that we were both free at the same time, and in close enough proximity to meet. We walked through the city hand in hand, chatting about our mornings, and running a mental list of Where To Eat.

I discounted several, and then Carl suggested Stewart’s. Hmmm. Stewart’s…. I hadn’t been in for over a year after several bad experiences, so I was a bit hesitant. was nearby, and is an independent teashop, and a pot of tea was just the very thing I wanted. So, we went. And oh, oh, oh, I am so glad I gave them a second chance! They changed hands about a year ago, and it is so much better, right from the moment you walk in. I didn’t realise that it is Chelmsford’s oldest tea room, although thinking about it, that does make sense, as the other three are much newer. It is tucked away down Tindal Street, all tall and narrow, but quite charming.

My sandwich came with a little ramekin of salad and some homemade coleslaw, and my ceylon orange pekoe was leaf tea rather than bags. A really refreshing lunchtime break, and I shall definitely be going back. I was intrigued to see that they are offering a scone workshop on Saturday – I wish I could go, but we already have an engagement. I must remember to keep my eye out for their future offerings.

If you fancy taking a pot of tea there sometime, here is their website

My second surprise started off a little less welcome…when I left the office to go home, I realised that I didn’t have my keys, and was locked out! And even worse, I had my dear friend Annastasia visiting before we went to burlesque class together. In previous days, I might have panicked and fretted, but instead I decided that the universe was telling us to have a picnic in my (communal) garden, so I picked up a few bits from Marks and Sparks, and we sat on the grass eating our picnic quite merrily until Carl came home and let us in!

So, two surprises for the first Wednesday in September…I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


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