Winds of Change

Just as we had been enjoying some glorious days of sunshine, when spring had come at last, the winds are blowing clouds scudding across the skies again. Carl and I very, very rarely have arguments or disagreements, but he has pointed out gently, more than once, that when we do have the occasional word, I go very, very quiet and tend to bottle things up.

And so it has been here. Winds of change are blowing through my life again, some good, some that I find it harder to see as good, although hopefully in time it will be so…but I find that I do go quiet when I have too much to think about. I do have some gloriously lovely things to tell you about, I know I haven’t told you about my lovely birthday and all my other adventures yet – I must sit down with a pot of tea and blog properly.

But I find when I have been away for a while, I need to just post once or twice first, and then get down to ‘proper’ posts, sharing news and catching up. And so this is that.

I brought a new nightie several weeks ago now – by FrostFrench, a navy-grey with pink roses all over it, trimmed with cream lace. It is my favourite thing at the moment to come home and slip into my nightie, and a thin grey cardigan that I cut the buttons off and replaced with little violet ones. It just feels gentle and soothing. I get in, I change, I make a pot of tea, and I am home.

I have been reading a lot recently. I have read the first in the Beautiful Creatures trilogy, Lace by Shirley Conran, The Night Circus which was utterly enchanting, and The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris. I am now reading The Ingredients of Love which is translated from French. It is a pretty little tale, of Aurelie who comes across a novel which features her very own restaurant, and the description of a girl remarkably like her. She wants to talk to the author, so contacts the publisher…but unbeknown to her, the author doesn’t actually exist…

I feel so sleepy this evening, I can hardly wait to get to bed and read a bit more of my story, and then sleep. I was late in the office this evening, and when I got home I made macaroons for a charity cake sale at work tomorrow. I have the lights on low, and Midsomer Murders in the background, and everything is gentle, and quiet. I love home, I love it. It feels almost like autumn outside these past few days, and there is a bit of me that longs to just stay at home with a blanket and my tea. But I have lunch tomorrow with an old friend who I haven’t caught up with for a long time, so out I must go!

I will be back though, I will be back. Love Mimi xxx


One thought on “Winds of Change

  1. Hello Mimi!It's good to hear from you again! I'm sorry that things have been bothering you, but though keeping things inside can be good in certain situations (far better than a neighbour-rousing ab-dab!), I wouldn't recommend it forever. I hope that your real-life friends are there to get you through it – and you know I'm always at the end of the phone. I completely understand about holding things back though; I think it's natural to focus on the problem yourself until you're ready to put it to action/ solve it.The nightie sounds fantastic and I am thoroughly envious, as I am with the cardigan. I have been craving a woollen house coat for some time now, but cannot find anything quite right (or affordable!) in the shops. Something grey, cream or soft green in a nice wool (maybe felted or with a little angora)that's knee-length and plenty big so it's cosy. The search continues!I am re-reading The Sand County Almanac because I re-bought it for my new Nook (oh the joy of not having to carry the weight of books around with me, though I still love a proper 'physical' book!). I am also going through all of the 'free' classics on there, too, like Huckleberry Finn and The Call of the Wild. That'll keep me busy for a while.Take care and enjoy the glorious spring that is unfolding (when the literal – and metaphorical – grey clouds lift).Tash from

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