Seven For Seven On A Sunday Evening

somehow, the weekend seems to lay glinting at the end of the week, like a silver thread, which when you finally get to it, somehow slips through your fingers so quickly. And so it is, I suddenly find myself here again, on a Sunday evening. It has been a peaceful, gentle weekend, just what we needed. I find myself wishing I had just a little bit more of it to come, and feeling slightly blue. I think that it is partly the full moon, partly Call The Midwife being particularly sad, and partly a small personal disappointment.

And so, pondering upon the post I would write, I decided to borrow an idea from the lovely Midori Green, and write a Seven For Seven post, as she says, ‘a dash through the week’

EatingThe most delicious breakfast at Baroosh, one of our favourite Sunday morning breakfast haunts. They had sold out of their delicious ricotta pancakes, so I chose the vegetarian breakfast instead, as it looked interesting. I am so glad I did! Salty, squeaky halloumi paired with scrambled eggs, baked beans, and an amazing potato rosti. Bliss!

Being Inspired ByMiss Marple! Whilst watching an old episode a few weeks ago, I noticed she was wearing a rather lovely scarf. I came across a pattern for it on the internet, and bought some wool in soft grey with a hint of sparkle, and cast it on this morning.

ReadingNigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries II and also re-reading They Were Sisters by Dorothy Whipple. There is something about both of their writings which just speaks to the very depths of my soul.

Listening ToThe ukulele! I have been practising since my class on Thursday. I can change chords – but very slowly! Hopefully with practise that will improve…

Being Horribly Impolite…well, I hope that it is a good sign that I can’t think of anyone I have been horribly impolite to! Hopefully I would realise if I had!

WearingThe most fabulous new dressing-gown-come-house-dress that I got in the sale the other day. It is a floor length wrap dress made of jersey, in leopard print. It definitely needs a slick of red lipstick to set it off. I could happily open the door to the postman although I wouldn’t go as far as going to the shops in it.

Trying OutOur brand new duvet! I hadn’t realised how thin our old one had got until we went on holiday and had the fluffiest duvet ever – it was like sleeping in a cloud. We collected it yesterday, and I can’t wait for bedtime!

I wonder what the week ahead will bring?


One thought on “Seven For Seven On A Sunday Evening

  1. Hi Naomi!Sorry to hear that you're feeling a little blue – I do really think that it's 'that time' of year when there isn't much to look forward to, the days are still incredibly short and the weather grey. Hopefully this Monday is bringing you lots of brightness!Enjoy your lovely new duvet and the sunshine that I hope is shining with you as it is shining here!Tash

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