All Dressed Up With No Place To Snow!

And so, we made ready! The hatches were battened, the electric blanket was on. I woke up in the night once or twice to find Carl standing by the window, watching for snow. We opened the curtains this morning to find…nothing!

I am not complaining as I know a lot of people further North than us have suffered with it, and I know it does make life very difficult for so many people. But it was just strange after so many warnings, nothing. Although, it was very cold.

Then, as I walked to work, wearing my new boots, the very first flake fell from the sky, and then suddenly I was in a snow globe. It didn’t settle though. Later this afternoon, big, fat clumps of snowflakes started whirling down from the sky, but again they haven’t settled.

And so it is evening now, and it will definitely be a hot water bottle night, but so far, so good. I hope wherever you are, your preparations have paid off and you are safe and warm and cozy love Mimi xxx


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