Gratitude List

I think that this year could be, for me, the year of daybooks. The year of following Simple Abundance and The Way of the Happy Woman, and Brocante Home’s Puttery Year. The year of doing not just reading.

So, last night, on the first day of the new year, I did something from Simple Abundance rather than just thinking about it. Before I went to sleep, I cast my mind back over the day, and chose three things to be thankful for.

FriendsIt was so special to see the New Year in with friends, Annastasia puts so much effort into hosting the evening and making sure everyone has a wonderful time, while giving the impression that nothing is any trouble at all, which is, I think, the mark of a very good hostess indeed.

CroissantsThe same lovely hostess made homemade croissants from scratch and served them to us for breakfast yesterday. I have never tasted a croissant like it, even in France. Hot from the oven, tender and flaky, and somehow, tasting very buttery, even though I know they were vegan!

My Dressing GownA Christmas gift from my lovely sister, purple, fluffy, and soft, soft, soft it was really luxurious to wrap myself in it and sip tea yesterday evening. I felt cosseted, comforted, and cosy.

I don’t intend to post my gratitude list every day (although today’s will include the dentist who took away my toothache without hurting me at all, the free hot chocolate I had from Cafe Nero at lunchtime, and receiving an utterly joyful email from a friend) but I don’t think it hurts to sow the seeds.

It goes without saying that I am thankful for my blog and blogfriends. I am always grateful for you.

My wish for you all is that you have much to be grateful for this year. And now, I am trying to summon the enthusiasm to go and wash up, and clean out the fridge. I had been toying with the idea of doing a menu plan and a shopping list this evening, but I have a quiet evening in tomorrow, and I think I shall do that then.


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