Perhaps it is because it isn’t Christmas Eve, but I finished work today and did not feel Christmassy at all. Instead of hurrying home, knowing it was all beginning, I stumbled home and am sitting here with a fuzzy head.

I am hoping it is just tiredness, a week of busyness at work, some nights where I haven’t slept well, and much to do in readiness for Christmas.

I wish this was a lovely scrumptious little post like so many I have read this evening, but I don’t quite have the energy for it. I feel a bit drained. But the tree lights are on, there is a light supper of salmon cooking in the oven, and tomorrow I can wake up refreshed and renewed, ready to set about working up a little Christmas spirit.

I shall have a bath later, and light a candle, in the most delicious scent ‘inspiritus’ and listen to Sufjan Steven’s Joy To The World, and smile as I look over the last year, and start to think about the year ahead.

Wherever you are, I hope you are having a lovely evening.

Love Mimi xxx


One thought on “Tired

  1. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear about you not being in the Christmassy mood. I've heard a lot of people saying it this year, that it has been harder than usual to get into the Christmas groove. Don't panic, though I too am like you in not feeling in a particularly celebratory mood, I am hoping that it will come in the next couple of days as it really begins to set in that Christmas is upon us.I hope that you have a warm, cosy and happy Christmas.Best wishes 🙂

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