A Busy Few Weeks

I can’t believe we are already getting to the burnt-out-candle ends of November, where all the days seem to smoulder like a candle that has just gone out. The mornings start damp and misty, and never seem to really brighten, before the light dims, and the day fades away.

Somehow time just seems to be racing away. I love these days though, the scent of the leaves which were crisp just a few weeks ago, and now smell slightly sweet as they damped and stick to the floor as though decoupaged. Days like yesterday, where mist hides the top of the buildings, as though the day was pulling a woolly hat down over its ears. Mornings where the cool of the air pinches your cheeks and makes them rosy, even in the five minutes it takes to walk to work.

Days which sadly haven’t left much time for blogging, but I have so much to tell you. About my day poll clerking on Thursday, about my trip to London yesterday, to get a passport, the reason I need a passport, all the things I have been busy making and doing.

But that will be for tomorrow. For today I need to go to market and buy the spices for Christmas Pudding Vodka, and wool to knit a tea cosy for a Christmas present.

I just wanted to drop in and say hello, to make sure that you know I have not forgotten here, that all is well, just busy.

But also, to tell you about the newest and most lovely blog, written by one of my closest friends. The lovely Angela, who I have known for ten years now, has started blogging at http://polly-put-the-kettleon.blogspot.co.uk/ (if you can’t guess from the name of her blog, she loves tea just as much as I do!) So please, pop by and say hello, and take a look at the amazing vintage teacup candles she has been making for our charity afternoon tea next weekend.

Love Mimi xxx


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