Autumn Morning, Autumn Evening

When I stepped out of the front door this morning, I was wearing my trench coat with the button flower bouquet brooch, but still actually gasped because it was so chilly. A proper autumn morning, where your skin tingles, and everything feels really crisp and beautiful. When the air is this cool and crisp, it somehow feels cleaner, and as it fills my lungs it makes me feel invigorated.

I was at my desk for 8:00am this morning, and didn’t leave until just before 7:00pm, and when I emerged from the labyrinthine corridors of my building, the cool temperature once again surprised me. The light was already graying and dimming before my eyes which surprised me more. I know that it is the autumn equinox any day now, and suddenly the evenings will start to draw in even more, but the sudden dusk at the close of the day came as a surprise.

I am going to tuck myself up in the warm now, but leave the window open so some of the autumn evening breeze can drift in while I sleep. I love these first days of early autumn, knowing that the rest is ready to unfurl in front of me, like a pathway made of autumn leaves ready to scuff.


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