Cosy Evening

One of the little rhythms that makes up the patterns of my days is the radio. We seem to wake up just a moment or two before Radio 4 comes on in the morning, and we lay and listen for a while before we get up. And in the evening, I love Radio 4 on again, to go to sleep to. There always seems to be something interesting to listen to, and I find the regularity of the beeps marking the hours, and the regular features soothing somehow.

I have just heard on the weather forecast that there is expected to be a ground frost tonight. I can’t believe how just a Sunday or so ago we were sweltering in the sunshine! But I am more than happy to welcome the autumn in, more than ready to skip into my favourite season. One of the things I like about autumn is the preparation, the planning ahead for Christmas, the choosing of my autumn fragrance, the laying in of stocks of tealight candles and cough syrups. Perhaps I was a squirrel in a former life!

Something I did today to get ready for the coming autumn was to buy new bedding. We now have inky violet sheets and pillow cases, and a duvet cover and second pair of pillowcases scattered with tiny pink roses, in what almost looks like Liberty print. There is also a soft violet blanket to go across the foot of the bed.

With the overhead light low and just one side lamp on, a candle burning, and Radio 4 playing, this room is like a little autumn cave, all warm and cosy. I really could never get up again, and was happily ensconced by half past nine this evening.

I really do think that money spent on your bedroom is always money well spent, after all, we spend such a lot of time here. And also, it is never too cold to sleep with the window open, just a little!
Sweet dreams wherever you are!
Love Mimi xxx


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