Raspberry Truffles

Today has been gloriously sunny, a real day to lift the spirits. I spent the morning at work as usual, and then the afternoon at our local hospice, as our office had been arranged a volunteering session. We went expecting to do gardening, and we were indeed in the garden, but cleaning marquees and such things that they use for fundraising instead. The old hospice building was at the end of our old road, and the lovely new one is slightly out of town, so I had not seen it before. I have to say I am always surprised that the atmosphere in hospices is so uplifting.

We are going to dinner with some friends this evening, and I always like to take a little something with me, even when invariably people say not to worry about bringing anything. One of my favourite things to make is something little and sweet to have with coffee after the meal, or for our hosts to enjoy the next day, so this afternoon I have whipped up a quick batch of white chocolate raspberry truffles.

They are so easy to make they are barely a recipe at all, and yet they taste amazing. You melt some white chocolate and stir in just a touch of vanilla, then place a frozen raspberry flat on the tines of a fork. Holding it over the bowl of melted chocolate, you spoon the melted chocolate over the top to enrobe it, allowing the excess to fall through the tines of the fork. Then you leave them to set, which really does not take long at all, and as they are setting dust them with a whisper of edible glitter (my preference is for pink!).

Best served from the fridge, you bite through the shell of chocolate, and then the raspberry explodes into your mouth. Give them a try next time you want to have a little something with coffee after your dinner, or to take to friends.

love Mimi xxx


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