Learning The Lessons

Tonight I am filled with peace and excitement all at the same time. I feel that after so many months, finally, I can sigh a long deep sigh, and relax.
Since I started the secondment that has temporarily taken me out of libraries, I haven’t been posting very much, as you know, so I haven’t really shared with you what I have been doing. Officially, I went to be a business administrator, which I was enjoying, when there was an opportunity to try some PA work, which it turns out that I love and I seem to fairly good at. Isn’t it odd how hard it can be to accept praise? To praise ourselves? Actually, I am good at it, and I enjoy it. It has been a revelation.
As you know, for so many months after being made redundant I just didn’t know what else to try my hand at, and had no idea what I might be good at. To try something new and find that I can do it has done wonders for my self esteem, and while I have been missing the library, I have been enjoying it so much.
I had an interview on Tuesday for a year’s secondment to PA for one of our Councillors. I felt very relaxed, I had done a lot of prep, and had a good feeling about it all. They said they would make a decision that day, so when I didn’t hear about it that day or the next, I assumed the worst…but yesterday, just as I was walking into the National Gallery I received a voicemail to offer me the post. I am beyond excited, quite apprehensive as it is going to be a lot of responsibility, but the fact that I have been recognised in this new field of work and have a year’s contract ahead of me is just wonderful.
I have some really exciting plans with the lovely Carla from Ducking Fabulous, and they are making me very excited for the future too. So much to look forward to.
I was in such a good mood today that even the news that although my wages have left my work’s bank account, NatWest have not yet credited my account with them. Presumably they are floating around in the ether somewhere. I felt sorry for the staff today, as it is not their fault, and they had so many anxious and angry customers to deal with. However…it is unacceptable, and makes you realise how vulnerable you are.
My trip to Bloomsbury yesterday was quite wonderful. One of our party is recovering from a broken ankle, so we took a taxi from the National Gallery to Bloomsbury, and asking the driver to take us to Bloomsbury Publishers felt very glamorous. One day, one day, one day, I hope to be going there as an author, one day…
I have posted before about my love of Whittard’s rose tea, but I have to say that I tried Twinings Rose Garden Tea this week, and it was a revelation; it had a wonderfully full flavour and was much more rosey than Whittard’s tea. I can definitely recommend it!
I have been having great fun on Pintrest and have so many recipes and ideas I want to try – expect more posts soon about some of my projects!
Wherever you are, I hope you are having a wonderful end to your week, and are looking forward to a lovely weekend
love, Mimi xxx
PS having pressed ‘post’ I saw the title of my post, and remembered what I had in mind when I started writing, but got distracted by my own thoughts. I feel like I Have learnt a lot of lessons over the past year. I am trying not to get too attached on an emotional level to things, people, places, work. Not in a cold way, but not letting my work become my identity, and to make sure I have a full life outside of it. Not to clutter up my work space with so many things. If I were to remove my notebooks and files and the work itself, I would be left with a cup, a pencil pot, and a small collection of a box of tissues, some sachets of cappuccino, and some handcream. I could fit it in a carrier bag, and walk out of the door. Anyone who knew me in my previous work life will hardly recognise that version of me. Somehow it makes it easier to visualise moving on when you don’t have too much to take with you. So, just trying to look at where I have been, and what I have learnt.


One thought on “Learning The Lessons

  1. Congratulations on the new job! It's good to see you so happy with these changes.Amazing isn't it,looking back, to see how things have turned out so well. And how happy it is possible to be in spite of past disappointments that were so difficult at the time. Truly, God has a plan for our lives and his desire is that we have an abundant life. Trusting that he is working things out for our good according to His purposes is a comfort when change is all around us.I'm sure your bank will get the deposit mess straightened out, but it is frustrating. When I was your age there was no such thing as direct deposit. We carried our checks to the bank–every Friday, followed by a trip to the grocery store for our weekly food purchases. It was a family outing and a treat. The stores downtown were opened late–until 9pm! No malls in those days, and stores always closed promptly at 5pm. If you needed anything after that you were tough out of luck. And nothing was opened on Sunday–not even gas stations!! Things have changed. You mentioned rose tea…and I was wondering if you've tried rose syrup. I buy it at the Indian grocery store and make rose sharbat. Very nice. And it settles the stomach too. Recently I used it to sweeten my iced mango hibiscus peach tea. Also very nice. Here in the U.S. rose tea is not very common.

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