On Being Given What You Need

How many countless times have you thought, when rushing from one place to another, that it would be wonderful just to have some time, time without demands to be here or there or have this ready or that cooked? How many times have you passed the yarn shop and remembered that blanket you want to start, but haven’t had time? With our coming plans, I have wished more than once recently for just a bit more time, and the universe has granted my wish, although in not quite the way I had hoped. Yesterday morning, I tripped and fell, and with a snap and burning pain thought I had broken my arm. Very thankfully, I had a much shorter wait at hospital than I feared, and even better, the arm isn’t broken, just the bone badly bruised. I say just, because it still burns with a dull hot pain, and I am in a sling for a few days, and it hurts to move it, and typing this with my left hand has taken me four times as long as normal….but still, thankfully, it is temporary. And I have enforced time to sit and think. There isn’t a lot else I can do. I have had a little browse of the internet, and joined Pintrest (how late I am the the Pintrest Party, but how inspiring it is!) but am pretty much limited to left handedness so it isn’t easy. But it is good to have time, although in future, I think I will be a little more careful about what I wish for! It is good to be back. I have missed blogging so much. I worry about how many posts I started in my mind and they have now flittered away to wherever our half formed thoughts and unfinished ideas go to. I do hope they go to some sort of universal jumble sale or lost property where other people can use them! A whimsical idea, but I can see a cake stall with all the cakes we have never got round to baking, a clothes stall with all the dresses we meant to make or forgot to buy until they went out of the shops…Sir John Soanes once painted a pair of pictures…one was all the buildings and designs he had ever been responsible for, and another of all the things he had designed but not had yet come to be. While having this time for musing and thinking, I read my horoscope, which seemed very apt: Is it better to create castles in the air than hovels in the mud? That’s a trick question! Nothing ever need stop us from exploring wishes and fantasies. We can do that quite easily, even if we are leading lives of hardship. And is it those self-created castles that cause the hardship in the first place? Not necessarily. We should feel entitled to enjoy our dreams. As for hovels? Well, a palace is a hovel if it houses no joy. Even the most humble abode becomes a luxury home if it is full of love. So watch what you create today. Which seems very much an echo of Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance which I was listening to on audio tape last night, and her gentle reminder that all we have is all we need. Before I go, my thoughts on horoscopes…I don’t believe the kind that say you will meet a tall dark stranger. I don’t believe that we have no free will. I like to think that things happen for a reason. I think of them as kind of personal weather forecasts for our feelings and temperaments. We know that the full moon affects people’s behaviour, and there are a lot of links between the lunar cycle and fertility. So I don’t think it is wild conjecture to suggest that other things that happen in the heavens will affect how we may feel on earth. I don’t see it as trying to tell the future, more like just trying to live as well as possible. What do you think? Love Mimi xxx


3 thoughts on “On Being Given What You Need

  1. Oh Mimi…the arms sounds painful… I hope it heals quickly.I totally agree with what you said, take the same line of thinking about free will, horoscopes and the effect of the heavenly things on earth. It is proven that in prisons during a full moon there is more fighting among the inmates. And teacher friends of mine have observed the children are more difficult to control during a full moon. And then there is the circadian rhythm by which our bodies are most certainly affected. And so much more.We are spirits in a physical body and this world is full of spirit beings–if you believe what the Bible says–and I think if we could see those beings we'd be astonished. We are surrounded by a heavenly host—good spirits as well as evil.Yes, we need to be careful of what we wish for. Often it comes packaged in ways we never imagined. One year, many years ago I was in a difficult–for me–period of life and wishing it would pass quickly–the reality being I was in essence wishing my life a way. As I was preparing for the day looking into the bathroom mirror I was greatly convicted. It was as if God was saying to me 'careful, this time you are wishing away may be much better than what is down the road'. And with that realization I made the effort to make the best of my situation, which was only temporary, and not so bad, just not what I wanted. And little by little I learned how to be content…to change what I could and embrace what I could not.

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