Mimi The Pirate

Just popping in whilst nursing a cup of tea to let you know that I am still not feeling fantastic. I had another very bad night, which culminated in a trip to the doctors this morning. I don’t remember a lot about it as I still had a temperature, but his verdict was that under my cold I had a throat infection, and I now have antibiotics which are starting to make me feel a little bit human again. Oh, and he took one look at the eye that is swollen shut and makes me look like a pirate, and proclaimed that I also have an eye infection, so I have drops for that.

I started the week feeling sad to be leaving my twenties behind…but now I am more than ready to start my thirties, I don’t like the twenties so much any more!

I am resting and sleeping as much as I can today as I am desperate to be well enough to go to London tomorrow for my birthday treat!

Hoping that you are all well,

ps Moey, I have been finishing off a little handmade something for your parcel, and had planned to go to the post office today, but I think it will be next week now…


6 thoughts on “Mimi The Pirate

  1. Oh Mimi, no rush! Taking care of your health is much more important. I once had the same infection in my throat and conjunctivitis in my eyes. Antibiotics were the only cure. Just make sure you finish them! Hope you have a lovely birthday and boy do I wish I was turning 30 again!

  2. Poor Mimi…you sound pitiful…I do hope you are well enough tomorrow to celebrate your birthday! Both of us seem fated this year to have a bad time of it around our birthdays. On Sunday my back seized up and I've had to limit my activity. And my trigger thumb is acting up again, so much so that I made an appointment to see the doctor next week for surgery to fix it. We are a sad lot aren't we. But we can't be kept down because we have too many exciting and fun things awaiting us. So take care and be well soon…I know that would be the best gift of all for your birthday.

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