Happy Things

I would say that this is the kind of post to break out your best china for, to treat yourself to a really nice piece of cake, and to break out your best vintage tablecloth, but I am in too much of a hurry to tell you my news to even put the kettle on!

I had an interview this afternoon and….I have been offered it! I keep telling myself it is only a secondment and only for ten months, but it is ten months of full time working in a job that I hope I will love! It is an amazing feeling, and I have to confess I had a little cry on Carl’s shoulder just from sheer relief! I have got a great feeling about the team I will be working in too. I can’t say too much yet because there is a bit of negotiating to be done around my start date, and my current job needs to know…but I just had to share the news! So many of you have been so supportive and kind to me, leaving me words of encouragement and hope, and in my darkest days of not seeing a way forward, it really helped, so thank you!

This evening, my book group came to our little flat, and I cooked baked barbecued risotto and pea and mint risotto (wheat free and vegetarian!) which we ate before departing for the big library where I used to work for an Essex Book Festival event, a talk by Marina Lewycka. I discovered I have been entirely mispronouncing her name! She was a lovely, lovely speaker, very warm and relaxed. She read some from her new book, which I think Carl will enjoy as well (some of it is about bankers and the financial situation) and she signed the copy I bought myself as a celebration of new employment. From her web page, I see she speaks quite often, if you get a chance do go and see her…she is really so very interesting!

Tomorrow we are off to London to see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. One of the Daisy Dalrymple mysteries that I enjoyed in January was set there, and as I have never been it gave me a real curiosity to see it. I can’t wait!

I do so wish there was a way to share tea and cake across the internet…I would be cutting you a very large slice indeed!



2 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. Congratulations Mimi!!! Good things come to those who wait and you've been waiting patiently. I'm very happy for you. Yesterday I decided that on Saturday–today– I'd make a cake with fluffy frosting and sprinkles 'just because'. When I eat a big piece of it today I will think of you and raise my cup of tea in celebration of your good news. And I will be thinking how good and beneficent God is and thanking him for his blessings.

  2. So glad to hear your good news! Tonight I will break out some of my "special tea" in celebration of your new job.Things have a way of working out. By the way-you and I share a common birthday-march 30. Alas I'm a "few" years older than you. Since this is our birth month it only stands to reason that you deserve some extra good luck.

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