Things I Like, Things I Don’t Like

I (really, really!) don’t like… when people sit on the bus and play music out of their mobile phones without headphones so we all have to listen to it. It is never good!

I like…having my ipod with me for the first time in ages and being able to block out their gangster rap with Hilary Hahn playing a nice Bach violin concerto.

I don’t like…when I phone the bank to tell them they are sending someone else’s statements to our address, and they won’t talk to me or make a note of it because I am not the customer.

I do like…when I manage to track the person in question down via the internet and they drive across town in their lunch time to retrieve their mail, and actually say thank you.

I don’t like…when my umbrella blows inside out in the rain and wind.

I do like…splish splash splishing through the puddles, and listening to the rain pattering at the windowpane.

I don’t like…when I put down my knitting mid row to answer the phone and it is a recorded marketing message

I do like…a lovely email from my Aunt and Uncle who are in Barbados for a few months

I don’t like…having cold feet

I do like (love!)…my electric blanket

I love…burlesque class with friends…kidnapping the window cleaner until he cleans the inside of the windows as well at the out (I lured him inside with tea and biscuits!)…knitting polar bears out of sparkly white yarn…cooking spaghetti bolognese with red wine…finding lovely comments from my dear readers…discovering a fab teacosy pattern generator thanks to one of those readers…text messages from friends…planning a trip to London in March….booking some days off work….lots of library books I ordered arriving…a vague plan for a new crafty endeavour starting to percolate…chamomile tea

Even on gloomy days when the rain tips down, there is much joy to be found, and sometimes you don’t even have to look for them, they find you.

I hope you are having a lovely cosy Friday evening! I am just recovering from the shock of sitting up till gone eleven o’clock with my husband, feeling desperately tired and deciding to sneak off to bed…and realising it was only half past nine!


2 thoughts on “Things I Like, Things I Don’t Like

  1. Hello MimiI am so pleased you liked the tea cosy generator, the lady that runs that website, Lynne, wrote it for me about ten years ago when I was learning to knit and wanted a pattern. My knitting still hasn't progressed very much, dishcloths, scarves and the occasional tea cosy is about it! I think I remember reading that you make marmalade with Seville oranges – I was wondering if you would mind posting how you do it as I would love to have a try.

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