Good News!

Fill your favourite teacup to the brim, and get out your special tin of biscuits please ladies! I am happy to share that after a phone interview yesterday, I have another part time job! And it is still within libraries…I am so pleased! We have an enquiry service that you can phone, email, fax, write, live chat to…probably even send a carrier pigeon, should you wish…and they will find the answer for you usually the same day, but always within two days. They tackle everything from crossword clues to case law, and as of Monday week, I will be joining them! (Just in case you were wondering, it is a free service! You don’t even have to be a library member to use it!) Alas it is only 15.5 hours a week, and I had been really hoping for 18, and it is only till the end of March…but they may have a permanent part time job going after then!

It is a big, big relief. Working 32.5 hours a week isn’t quite full time, but it does leave me 4.5 hours to either try and fill or spend working at home. I feel really lucky indeed. I don’t think I had realised how much the stress of not working was getting to me.

Here is for the really lovely news….the enquiry service is attached to the library that I was made redundant from last year! So I will be able to share tea breaks with my old friends, who I have really, really missed.

Thanks so much for all your good thoughts and wishes!



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