Yule Gifts

Whilst browsing some new found blogs and some old friend blogs, I have been reading several posts about Christmas gifts…and realised that I don’t remember posting about what I made this year! So here is a very quick run down, because it is late, and I don’t want to bore you!

My book group received a vintage floral cup, saucer, and sandwich plate. I made the cup into a teacup candle, and stacked the trio together before wrapping with cellophane and tying with blue ribbon.

My friends at work were given mini hotwater bottles with handmade hot water bottle covers made from soft fleece.

The men got homemade spiced rum this year, and also rum and raisin rocky roads made in those little cardboard loaf tins from Lakeland.

Our Aunts and Uncles got homemade pear and vanilla jam, made using pears from a friends tree.

I also made a variety of individual gifts, including knitted gloves, a knitted snood, a knitted cushion and a crochet cushion. Ooh, and I knitted from a vintage pattern a pixie hood and scarf set. I think that was about it…

I received some really lovely and thoughtful gifts in return, and was very touched indeed. People are so kind, so lovely. I can’t wait to do it all again this year!


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