Happy New Year, Part Two!

Ahhh, January. Just a stroke of midnight, a single second separates you from December, and yet you feel so different, so very far apart. Last night was as lovely as I hoped it would be, seeing in the New Year surrounded by friends old and new, taking part in our little rituals of predictions and sharing songs of the year and things we learnt, champagne, smiles, love and laughter. That seems a pretty good way of seeing out the old year, as well as seeing in the new.

So many messages to say Happy New Year, which make me feel so lucky. Perhaps next year (next year! I mean this year, really!) will be the year I make and send out Happy New Year postcards. I have always thought that would be a nice thing to do, an extra little something in the post, just as you think it is all over.

And yet, a comment by a friend on Facebook made me frown. Most people’s status updates had been sending good wishes to family and friends, but this one suggested that it was New Year’s Eve, not New Year’s Day, so it was incorrect to say Happy New Year. I can see her point from a technical point of view, but from a heartfelt point of view, when is it ever wrong to send good wishes out into the world?

I have been reading some of my favourite blogs, so many of whom have written lovely posts reviewing 2011. Well, while I have been really enjoying reading those, I am not tempted to write one of my own. After all, so many of you have been here with me all the way, and know that there are some parts of the year that I really would not like to revisit. And much as there have been good things that have happened this year, such as discovering and moving into our new little flat, I feel a pressing need to look forwards, not backwards.

I have been looking forward to posting today, to be able to write Sunday January 1st, 2012, to see a new year added to my blog archive. To think of all the things I want to do this year. If you don’t already have it, do get hold of The Wonderful Weekend Book by Elspeth Thompson, which has so many great ideas for lovely things to do. Thinking about the early part of the year, I want to go on a Snowdrop Walk, make marmalade, organize a bridal shower for my sister-in-law, watch The Artist at the cinema, and make some heart bedecked Valentines celebrations.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year,



3 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Part Two!

  1. A very happy new year to you, lovely Mimi… let 2012 be the year of sparkles, happiness, much meeting up, cake and Project Pin Up! And you're quite right, it's never a bad time to send happy wishes into the world :)Love you! xxx

  2. I have ordered that book on your recommendation :)Also, I wanted to say I am now a fan of the little tearoom you wrote about at the Secret Garden in Writtle, my husband and I have visited a couple of times now and love it. The food is lovely, and I love the teacosies!Happy New Year!

  3. To my way of thinking every day begins a new year…the calendar we use is arbitrary in a sense. After all, businesses have fiscal years and can begin when they designate. Each day is the first day of the rest of our life isn't it.A Snowdrop walk–tell me more…I'm not sure what it is, assume it has to do with walking in winter and snow? Sounds nice and fun.I will take a gander at the book you mentioned…perhaps it is available on Amazon. I am working up an Amazon wish list, having decided it is the easiest method gift wise since family is all spread out.

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