Satisfaction on a Wednesday Evening

Yesterday evening was an evening for strong Yorkshire tea in a chunky mug decorated with a floral union jack…comforting tea. I had a bit of a grim day yesterday, the whole thing coloured by an incident in the morning. I was working at my adopted library and walked in on someone making some incredibly rude, personal and hurtful comments about me. You know when the whole room goes still and quiet? It was one of those moments. Happily I kept my self possession and walked away, but while I kept my head high, my insides were sinking.

This evening, however, is rose scented tea from a thin, delicate mug patterned with butterflies. The ladies who witnessed the event of yesterday morning have been overwhelmingly lovely and kind, I have just come back from my burlesque dance class (which is going really, really well…I love it!) and Kirstie Allsopp’s new series started tonight (I recorded it). Oh, and the Puppini Sisters have a new album out soon. Here is a link to a free taster!
Tonight’s dinner was a real success, too. I had some pumpkin risotto left over from Sunday, so I turned it into arancini. Before work this morning, I took tablepsoons of the cold risotto, and rolled them into balls. Then I poked a finger in to form a miniature bowl made from risotto. I filled the bowl with cheddar cheese, then sealed it closed with a little more risotto. Each ball got rolled first in beaten egg and then in breadcrumbs, before being set aside for this evening. When I got home all I had to do was fry the arancini while the sauce cooked. The sauce was an onion, fried slowly until soft and melting, with some chopped tomatoes, a pinch each of sugar and dried chillis and a sprinkling of dried mixed herbs. After that had bubbled away, I wilted in handfuls of spinach and rocket. I served it with a scattering of pine nuts and sunflower seeds. Considering it was mainly leftovers and storecupboard staples, it made an impressive dinner. Actually, I think I enjoyed the left overs more than the original dish! I think next time I make them, I will try goats cheese or feta as a filling.
And then of course, there are the comments left for me here, as well. It touches me very much that not only do you find the time to read my scribblings, but that you find time to comment too, and that your comments are so thoughtful. I love when you share your thoughts with me. It is like having a steaming pot of tea at a big wooden kitchen table, and catching up. Now I must warn you that I am terrible at remembering to check my emails, but if any of you would like to email me ever, then I have added my email address in the ‘about me’ section to the top right corner of my blog. (In case you are wondering, I am not mrsclaxton07 because Carl has got through 7 wives, it is because I became Mrs Claxton in 2007!)
Actually, today has been such a lovely day that I think as well as my butterfly mug of rose scented tea, I will be having half a Marks and Spencer Iced Spiced Bun as well. (Why half? Mr C will want the other half, of course!)
I really hope that you are all having a lovely Wednesday too. I am off to bed now…it has turned so chilly here it is bedsocks and hot water bottle weather! Just as well, because secretly, that is my favourite time!

5 thoughts on “Satisfaction on a Wednesday Evening

  1. I'm glad you turned would could have been an all together miserable day into something positive.I remember on a couple of visits to the UK the dampness in the air and the chill in my bones. I've actually never been so cold in my whole life and we can get temps (with the wind chill)down to minus forty here in the dead of winter. But it's a dry cold and our central heating is fabulous, no need for hot water bottles. It must be cosy though!

  2. It sounds as if you handled yourself very well in the face of something mean and hurtful. Good for you–and I hope that person feels terrible!What a creative and tasty dinner you made! Nice that the day ended well for you.

  3. I am so sorry you had that horrible experience at work, something similar happened to me once and I felt awful. I am a lover of Yorkshire tea, too – I veer between that and Rooibos. The other things I wanted to say is that I was lucky enough to see the Puppini sisters live in London about four years ago at some kind of outdoor free event. It absolutely poured with rain, there were only about thirty people there and it was fantastic.

  4. Oh, I've experienced that horrible feeling. It's embarrassing and degrading. And it hurts. I bet not everyone who was there agreed with the commenter. Those who didn't will try to let you know privately or in their own way.I often find a tea blend called Yorkshire Tea at my local TJMaxx which I think is the same as Homegoods. It is a lovely full bodied tea.(Ah…I just reread your post and as I thought the ladies did not agree with the commenter. Thank God for small mercies, eh?)

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