Pretty Pretty Pretty!

Oh if only you knew how often I have had blog envy! Other People’s Blogs (OPB) look just so beautiful to me, with hand designed banners and pretty layouts and fabulous photography. But you see, I took up blogging because I love to write, and sadly I do not have technological talent. (I use the terms ‘ipodpadtouchpokething’ and ‘mp3podmusicthing’ which gives you an idea what you are dealing with!)

So it is little surprise that this is the first time I have changed the layout of my blog since I began blogging back in 2005! I wish I could claim ownership of the prettiness, but it is all down to someone else. I don’t even know who to say thank you to, as it is a predesigned template from blogger! But to whoever you are out there, with far more talent than me, there is a cup of tea and a dark chocolate covered ginger biscuit waiting for you any time you choose to claim them!
I have wanted to pretty things up a bit for a long time, and it is still my long term plan to share more photographs with you. What prompted the change today though, was boredom! I have been stuck at home all day long when I would rather be outside. I had an electrician here ‘mending’ the shower from 9:00 this morning until about 3:00 this afternoon. Since then I have been waiting for the plumber to come and finish mending it…he only arrived ten minutes ago, so you can imagine it has been a day of waiting about. I was lucky enough to have a visit from a dear friend and later on her children, my godchildren, but much of the day has been spent in waiting, and not being able to settle to anything.
Although that in itself was rather frustrating, it has meant that I have brightened up my blog, which perhaps I would not have got around to otherwise (well, no change in the last six years rather suggests I wouldn’t!).
I do have a slight headache from rather too much internet time today. I couldn’t settle to my novel…I am trying to read Jane Eyre as I would like to see the film at some point, but I found it very dispiriting. I know that it is not a happy novel, but it just put me on edge somehow. I think I need something a little more soothing this evening.
So, back to work tomorrow. I plan to clean out my handbag later, something I always get a great deal of satisfaction from. There is something about having new little package of tissues, some mints and a lipstick and everything just so which is very pleasing. I was hoping to colour my hair this evening, but since I did not get a chance to go to the shops for some colour, and the shower still is not working (after a day of attention from two different men, it will work only if you hold the rest of the shower in when you press the button. It then may or may not work at all. And we can’t use it at all tonight as the sealant needs time to seal!) so that puts paid to that. I think perhaps I shall paint my nails instead, and plan my outfit for my first day back at work tomorrow.
I have a meeting with my new line manager tomorrow. I am finding the situation slightly tricky. I really do need a full time job, so I know my days there are numbered. Whilst I am giving it 100% while I am there and will be very sad to go, I am finding it hard to be planning paperwork for reviews next year, when I will probably not be there any more. Did I mention, although I still do not know what it is that I want to do, I do feel ready to put myself back out there and look for full time gainful employment again? I know in one way my situation hasn’t altered, but I do feel better about things!
Let me leave you with one last discovery from today….free internet radio! Who would have thought? And even better, free internet radio which plays fabulous bombshell music. Visit here and hopefully that will take you to the right station. You need to sign up with an email address to listen, but it is free, and worth it. I have had my toes tapping away for an hour or two now!
Wherever you are, I hope you are having a lovely evening.

3 thoughts on “Pretty Pretty Pretty!

  1. Wow! At first I thought I had gone to someone else's blog! Looks lovely though now I am a little more used to it, it is very bright and airy which can't be a bad thing! Reminds me of blue skies and pale clouds.

  2. I like the new layout! Much easier to read. I actually prefer wordy blogs, unless the point of them is photos/pictures, so please don't be too concerned about comparing your blog with those of other people.Angie

  3. Oh! I do hope you are able to finish Jane Eyre! I always thought it so romantic! {Reading it first when I was about 12.} It seemed the world was so unkind to poor Mr. Rochester. I hope you will love it as I do. {Valerie from Bohemian Season sent me!}

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