My Impression of a GloWorm

Oh dear, oh dear. You would think I should know by now that with my fair skin I just cannot go out in the sunshine for long periods of time. But this past Sunday morning, I spent a happy hour or so wandering around a car boot sale with a dear friend who I have not seen for a while, and didnt notice I was catching the sun at all. Until I got home, and poor Carl opened the door to a bright red wife and said ‘Wow! You have turned into a gloworm!’

It is so terribly hard to look elegant when you are bright red, and I fear I have done my nose a real damage as it feels all…papery and squishy at the same time! But it was lovely to catch up with the lovely Carla again, and we both found some real treasures. My first buy of the day were 4 teeny tiny cups and saucers and an equally petite sugar bowl, floral of course. I plan to serve chocolate mousse in them next time I have people round for dinner. Carla was on the look out for a vintage typewriter, but was not particularly expecting to find one as she had not spotted one before….we found 5, of which she bought 2! My other purchases were a Hollywood Album for 1960, and a beautiful dressing table set in green and silver. Pictures some point soon!

I will be back later with thoughts on meal planning, and tea making in answer to my other ‘enquire within’ questions. Off to cook dinner now though…I hope you are enjoying the sunshine, and aren’t strawberry red like me!


2 thoughts on “My Impression of a GloWorm

  1. Squeee, squeee, I am mentioned! I am honoured to be a dear friend… and how I miss you! We must make the car boot treasure hunting a regular thing 🙂 Loving reading your blog – although going to have to look at the rest at lunchtime before I get into all sorts of trouble! Much love xxx

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