The Gift of Love

Gifts by their very nature are lovely things, but there are some gifts that surpass themselves, that make you sigh with pleasure, and as well as the thing itself, you appreciate the feeling behind the thing, the fact that the person has thought about you, understands you, ‘gets’ you.

Two beautiful examples from the past two days, both of which have left me a little weepy! Yesterday I saw my ‘little’ (he is in his 20s and towers above me, but is six years younger than me!) brother for the first time since he arrived back from a month in America. He presented me with a package, casually mentioned it was my birthday gift and that he thought he had wrapped it pretty badly, then sauntered off, in his casual laid back way. When I opened the gift, there was a Beany Baby soft toy – a horse, called Secretariat. When I still lived at home, perhaps 15 years or even more ago, I used to collect Beany Babies. I had quite a collection, and I used to love them. I hadnt thought about them in years, but Rob had remembered that I used to collect them, and bought back this one from Kentucky, as it was a place he visited, and the Beany Baby itself was of a horse that won the Kentucky races….and was born on my birthday! (A few years previously to me though!). That by itself was really thoughtful and lovely, but the second gift concealed by the star spangled paper was even more wonderful – a proper feather quill pen and pot of ink! I can’t wait to start using it, and love to think of all the writings written in quill and ink. I have jokingly threatened to fill in the application form for my job that I am having to reapply for using it!

Now to this afternoon….I had to work, but Carl had the day off. As he was driving me down the hill from my little library, he mentioned that he had got me something a bit different for Easter this year. When we got home, he said he had left it out for me to see, that I needed to have it this evening rather than tomorrow. Imagine how amazed I was to see a teacup crafted out of chocolate that he had made from scratch by hand! He sat it in a nest of yellow shredded tissue, with a little Lindt bunny keeping watch over it!

I have to say that I feel really blessed to have a husband who will spend his Saturday on one of the hottest days of the year making me a chocolate tea cup! He was quick to point out its flaws….a slightly wonky handle, and a fingerprint captured in the chocolate….but you know, I don’t think that a gift from the heart can ever be flawed, and whilst it might not be good for holding tea, it certainly is good for holding a whole lot of love!


One thought on “The Gift of Love

  1. What sweet gifts. Much thought and love went into them both. I know you were touched and felt very loved proving that it's not the gift itself but the thought that went into it that counts, makes it special.

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